WHat is 3bit

3Bit is a passion project, that was started with the intention of sharing gaming news, written from the perspective of your everyday gamer. We are not a registered business and therefore don't make any money from doing this. So, with our website, you get no pesky ads or any partnership/affiliate marketing being spammed to you. It's just gaming news, reviews, and other content all directly from our own opinions and views, without any financial influence. 

Meet the Team

Kyle aka Blooicide

Founder & Director

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Jordan aka Tyrannicide

Co-Founder - Content Director


Daniel aka Warden

Chief IT Lead

Michael aka Demod

Article Editor


Mrs Syther

3Bit Streamer

Tim aka Timster

3Bit Streamer & Writer

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COntact Us!

3Bit tries to make it as easy as possible to be in contact with and we do this by opening up as many channels as possible to start a conversation. If you are a follower, reader, fan, developer, publisher ... in fact if you are anyone and you want to contact us, you can do so by the following means:

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