3 of our favourite games from tonights Nintendo Indie Showcase

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

15 Dec 2020

Today we saw another short but awesome Indie showcase from Nintendo, with its biggest announcement being Among Us, this year's best Multiplayer and Mobile Game at The Game Awards. But it is essential to highlight all the other Indie games that were showcased during today's stream. So to kick things off, we thought we would share a few of our favourite announcements from today's showcase.

To start things off, we go a bit retro with Cyber Shadow, an all-new 8-Bit action platformer from Mechanical Head Studios. Cyber Shadow takes players to a distant future where Synthetic lifeforms have taken over the planet. In a Hail Mary move, humanity sends our protagonist Shadow on a quest to uncover the cause of the synthetic takeover and put it to an end. Shadow will need to hack, slash and parry the techno hordes that block the path, whilst jumping over deadly traps as you make your way through the deadly ruins of what was Mekacity, Shadows former home. This retro adventure will feature over 12 bosses in a world filled with secrets and hidden members of shadow's former clan. Cyber Shadow releases on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC January 26th 2021.

The Next announcement is a follow up to the incredible Super Meat Boy, Super Meat Boy Forever. The Sequel will feature 7200 unique and handcrafted levels! This astonishing number of levels completely dwarves that of the last Super Meat Boy title as well as pretty much every other Indie game out there. The story of Super Meat Boy Forever follows Meat Boy and Bandage Girl long after their laboratory escape. The couple now have a child, Nugget. But rest and parenthood have made this couple let their guard down, and they are beaten by Doctor Fetus, who then steals Nugget from them. Now Meatboy and Bandage Girl will need to get her back through this almost endless campaign filled with "tough but fair" levels. Super Meat Boy releases this month on December 23rd as a console launch exclusive for Nintendo Switch.

Our Final Entry for tonight, but not from the showcase comes all the way from Peru by LEAP Game Studios, Tunche. This hand-drawn adventure blends Rogue-lite elements with side-scrolling brawlers. Tunche's adventure takes us deep into the Amazon with a mysterious story based on Peruvian Folklore. What makes this game even better is that you will not have to explore the rainforest alone, as Tunche offers four-player couch co-op, and for when things get competitive as they always do you and your friends can settle the score with arena combat. Tunche releases on Nintendo Switch first in March 2021. As an added bonus for Nintendo Switch Players Hat Kid, from a Hat in Time, will be available as a playable character.

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