5 Allies We Would Like to See in the next Marvel Spider Man Game

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

8 Jan 2021

Now that the Miles Morales Spider-Man game has been out a while, I thought I’d pull together a list of allies that I want to see allying up with the 2 Spider Men in the next game. Spider-Man is a huge connection between the teams of characters in the Marvel Comic Universe, with him meeting most of the cast, often. To this effect, there were a huge number of people we could have chosen, but the characters we have chosen in this article have been picked as the most reasonable characters to join the story at this point in Spider-Man’s life.

The Man Without Fear is one of the easiest characters to tie up to Spider-Mans storyline. This is due to the two characters being linked in many different ways and drawing quite a few similarities. First of all, both characters mostly fight bad guys in the same place, New York. Both characters gained their powers through some form of radioactive accident, and both characters are motivated through the loss of a loved one. The thing that makes both Daredevils and Spider-Mans dynamic interesting is that, although they have very similar beliefs – Matt Murdoc can be a little more on the reckless side as opposed to Peter Parker who is more methodical and intelligent. Both have different morals about how far they can go, which can create small conflicts between their interests. Although, both characters do respect each other enough to never let this become a reason to not work together, and both have the same benchmark in that they will not necessarily kill. Another key difference between the two is the level of enemy they fight, Spider-Man has superhuman abilities, whilst Daredevil has abilities that allow him to perform as a peak powered human being. Spider Man will on occasion be found fighting some of the top-end Marvel enemies, whilst Daredevil usually sticks to fighting gang type enemies and criminals like Wilson Fisk. In Spiderman 2, I would love to see Spider Man interrupting Daredevil, whilst on the ‘hunt’ for Fisk. Similar to how the original PS4 Spider-Man game was broken into parts with different enemies, it would be cool to see this happen again in 2, but with the enemies holding much higher stakes. Spider Man would need to team up with the likes of Daredevil to dismantle Fisks operation and then end with an awesome double team boss fight, of Fisk himself.

When you introduce a character like Daredevil, its hard not to consider Frank Castle (The Punisher) as these two usually go hand in hand. Frank Castle is on the very opposite extreme as Daredevil in that he will kill his opponents in usually quite grotesque ways. Although Frank and Peter have crossed over in a lot of comics, with Frank Castle stating that he respects Spider Man for all that he is. I list Frank Castle as an ally in this list, but I want him to be similar to how Black Cat was in the first title. At first Spider Man trusts that he is able to team up with Castle to bring down Fisk. Together, the two do some reckless things such as blow up an area (safely) to slow down Fisks operation, but then as things move on, like he always does, Frank takes it too far and nearly kills an enemy. Spider Man intervenes and then is required to bring down Castle in a mini-boss fight, to stop him causing any more risk to himself and others.

Back in during the 70’s Marvel Comics, Spider Man used to actually be best friends with Johnny Storm (The Human Torch). The two would occasionally meet up and discuss things that were troubling them. With Harry pegged in the next game as being potentially an enemy to Peter, I think that he is going to need someone outside of his ‘inner circle’ of hero friends to do this with. I think that with Insomniac using the comics as reference material for this game, it would be cool for them to bring back this dynamic, by revisiting the origin story of how they both met. Imagine this next paragraph as a mission in the new game. Peter Parker realises he needs to monetise his powers, as you know he’s strapped for cash. He comes up with the cunning plan of joining the Fantastic Four. Having a light bulb moment, Peter plans to get an audition with the Four, by breaking into the Baxter Building and ultimately winning over his potentially future teammates by showing off his intellect. Johnny is annoyed/antagonised by Peters actions and retaliates. I’m breaking from the comics here, but the two could have an epic fight in which Peters Spidey suit gets damaged and as a conclusion Johnny gives Spidey the ‘Amazing Bag Man’ Suit to get home without giving anyone his identity. I mean, in fact I’d be happy if they did this with Miles instead of Peter! Giving Miles that relationship with Johnny in place of Peter. Oh, so many options to play with here.

Spider Man has always been a big fan of Captain America and respects him a lot. In a lot of interactions between the two, they have always regarded that respected for each-other closely. A key example of this can be found in Spider Mans own titled Civil War comic, where after the two fight the Captain loses his shield. Hiding it from Stark, Spider Man webs the Shield to a wall hidden for the Capt. to find it, even though at that point, he had teamed up with Tony Stark. On several occasions Spider Man has impressed Captain America, in which the Capt. often regard Spider Man as one of the best Avengers. I do not think Captain America would be needed as a part of the main story, but I think he could be an amazing character to have a side story arch with, in which Spider-Man helps him track down, evidence of a secret organisation, which been identified as being in New York. Spider-Man would be required to sneak into popular enemy strongholds taking down this organisation teamed up with the Captain and is required to find evidence of anyone leading them. Once you get to the end of the arch you both encounter the believed to be leader of this organisation, Cross Bones in which Spider Man uncovers that he has been helping the Captain take down an arm of Hyrda. You both are required to then bring down Cross Bones in an awesome double team takedown.

How could I create a Wishlist of hero team-ups without even considering bringing together Deadpool and Spider Man. This dynamic duo has happened a few times in the comic world, and it has created some of the best comedy moments to be told in any Marvel comic. Deadpool and Spider Man work so well as both are extremely quick witted with a similar sense of humour… albeit ignoring Deadpool’s darker sense of humour. Usually this pairs team-ups start in the way of Deadpool luring Spider Man to him, by posing as a bad guy. He will capture Spidey and then proceed to ask him for help on what is usually the stupidest quest ever. Its exactly this, that I would love for Insomniac to bring over to the game universe as another potential Side Story Arc. How amazing would it be to see Deadpool, gripping onto Peters back, as he swings through New York, being an insane lunatic directing Peter to his next destination, but changing his mind at every given moment. It would make for a change of pace from the high stakes that the game might set out, and gives us an opportunity to see two of the funniest Marvel characters bundled together. Obviously, like every other time they team up, their friendship won’t last and Deadpool will become a character that Spidey needs to capture, for the safety of others. This would make for one heck of a fun boss fight. Sooo much could be done here!

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