8Bit Adventures Is Getting A Sequel And We Had To Check It Out

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Publish Date:

21 Jun 2021

Do you long for a retro-inspired JRPG, simulating the SNES or even NES era of games? Interesting mechanics, weird monsters, addicting midi music? Then 8-Bit Adventures 2 may scratch that itch well.

8-Bit Adventures 2 comes to us from indie developer Critical Games, who've previously worked on 8-Bit Adventures and Tales Across Time, both of which getting great reviews on Steam. We are hoping for an October release date for this PC game on Steam, and there's even a free Demo out, which I have had a quick blast with. Currently, the game is only being sold on Steam, but who knows I'm hopeful to see this released on other platforms too. So let's see what we have in store.

Imagine if you will, a world where a Warrior, a Thief and even a Robot go adventuring. Now imagine that the big bad in this game isn't some dragon, mad king, monstrous deity. No, in fact, the enemy you're facing is a Glitch. A vengeful, chaotic Glitch that takes the shape of a person with powers to reshape the actual world you live in, now that is a twist. After playing the Demo and knowing you're on a mission from "The Computer", you'd think this almost abstract idea would take you away from the story. However, it's obvious this storyline has had a great deal of care and attention put into it, drawing you in, making you invest in the characters and wanting to see how this story unfolds.

The environments shown range from desert, forest, snow-covered mountains, 12 towns and even 29 dungeons to keep us engaged and going for 20+ hours. The midi style music changes with each new environment and dungeon, a very nostalgic feel, yet completely new. It's the type of music that fits perfectly into the game and toe-tappingly good that you'll find yourself humming it hours later. The graphics are retro-inspired but it's evident they have been meticulously designed, the monster designs are elegant yet diabolical, from sea monsters, fire giants, samurai, Rattling Revengers and a whole host more.

Let's talk Battle system. With 7 different characters and a swap in, swap out mechanic, your party of three will take on vast quantities of enemies in a turn-based battle system, very similar in scope to those seen in Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6. Each character has multiple options for you to take. The Warrior, for example, has three different attacks he can do, weak, normal or strong, each with differing percentages of success, exhibiting the care taken in making the battle system as engaging as possible. As you can imagine from the rest of the party members, the Thief can steal, and the Robot will use lasers, but it's the abilities that excite me. The abilities are vast and can be combined with other party members to create some extreme screen shaking explosions or heal party members, that's before we even consider each characters own Omega move which is their own ultimate attack. It's definitely on my wishlist!

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