All We Know About Cloud Chamber Games and What They Are Working On

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

7 Dec 2020

A little while ago a new development team was announced under Take Two Interactive, the publishers behind titles such as Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K series, Mafia and so much more. This development team was 'Cloud Chamber'. But since their announcement it's all gone radio Silent. So we thought we would jog peoples memories and re-build up the hype for their next big project. Back a year ago, 2K announced a newly-formed studio called Cloud Chamber, who would be working on the next iteration of the adored Bioshock series. To loyal fans of the game series, this built them up with nervousness as the Director of Bioshock 1 and Infinite would not be at the helm of the next instalment. Although, that nervousness can be be put aside - but we will get to that later.

Cloud Chamber is actually built up of some of the veterans behind the original Bioshock games, taking a lot of talent from developers of the series Irrational Games. The development company is a single team, located across two locations, San Francisco and Montreal. The developers website boasts that its team is diverse in background, having ranges of experience from Book Illustrators, to Table Top Game Makers, all the way through to a High-School Maths teacher. But the Question is: Is this team good enough to enhance the Bioshock experience and deliver a good successor to the previous entries. Well, we have already experienced a title not made by the original/core Bioshock development team, in Bioshock 2. Although Bioshock 2 was not as critically acclaimed as its predecessor, it was still a good sequel to the rapture experience. A reassuring point this time, is that the team is not confined to following up a story directly, but instead have been given free reign on where to take the story next. So I have total hope and confidence that this team will be able to do this, and deliver a brilliant next instalment to the Bioshock series.

Not much else is known about the team although we cannot wait to get a glimpse of what is to come. The project still seems like its in relatively early stages, as the team is still recruiting. Although, there is/are QA tester rolls open at the time of writing this and it seems that the project has some form of a build for the game to be tested! Which fills me with so much excitement! Maybe we will see something soon!

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