Animal Crossing Winter Update on 19th November

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

Today a new trailer has been released by Nintendo for the next big update to Animal Crossing. This new update showcases the new wintery look that will be gracing our Nintendo Switch consoles on Thursday this week. Expect to see new seasonal events, a new save transfer system, new furniture, looks and styles.

On the 26th November Animal Crossing invited you to join for Turkey Day, where our brand new chef character Franklin will be hosting a big meal display on your island. You will need to help him set this up, by finding him ingredients for his recipes to earn a gift from him.

The winter update brings so much more too, with the Home Storage Limit being upgraded to a whopping 2400 slots. For those who have fully upgraded their homes already, you can apply for this storage upgrade by speaking to Tom Nook at Resident Services.

Instead of what we call Christmas here, is known as Tom Day in Animal Crossing. The game will be featuring holiday themed clothing, stock, items, insects and so much more, in the run up to this holiday. You will also be able to help Jingle deliver presents to the island inhabitants for a nice little treat on the 24th!

Animal Crossing will be bringing a tone of other upgrades such as new cosmetic changes such as hairstyles, colours and reactions. Be sure to check these out by looking at the Nook Shop terminal in Resident Services.

This announcement is just a short glimpse at what the game intends to deliver, so be sure to share your stories, screenshots and everything else on social media for us all to see!

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