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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

28 Apr 2021

Last night we saw an all-new Monster Hunter event, which gave us an insight into the future content of Monster Hunter Rise and more details for Monster Hunter Stories 2, which included a new trailer (below). Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will be Capcoms second upcoming Monster Hunter title that will release this year. In this story-driven iteration of the Monster Hunter Franchise, we will take the role of a young Monster Rider, who, through the power of a "Kinship Stone", will be able to form strong bonds with the monsters of this game. You can check out the full event at the top of this page, or you can check out our highlights from another fantastic Capcom Event.

Monster Hunter Rise.

Today Monster Hunter Rise received its first free title update to bring new monsters to the fray, along with Apex Monsters and other great new features. The main aspect of this title update is the new Monsters, which include the previously teased Chameleos. Joining this new Monster will be the Elder Dragons Kushala Dora, which first appeared in Monster Hunter 2, but maybe more recognisable from Monster Hunter World and fellow Monster Hunter 2 and Monster Hunter World Elder Dragon Teostra, better known as the Flame King Dragon.

Along with these 3 insanely tough to beat monsters, we will also have the opportunity to duke it out with Apex Monsters, including the Apex Magnamalo's and Apex Rathalos', which you will be able to confront outside of Rampage events. The dreaded Magnamalo will also be joining the rampage quest rotation.

On top of all these new and improved monsters, players can now also forge layered armour, and the Max Hunter Rank will be unlockable on the completion of certain conditions. Along with all this fantastic free content, More DLC will be available for Monster Hunter Rise, which will bring new cosmetic options to your hunter! The latest cosmetic options include new voices, poses, gestures, hairstyles, face paints stickers and background music, along with more outfits for your hunter, Palimute and Palico. The DLC will be available to download from today so keep an eye on the Nintendo eStore for your chance to pick it up.

Monster Hunter Stories.

The main focus of yesterday's showcase was, in fact, Monster Hunter Stories, which got an all-new trailer giving us a better glimpse of the story for this rather dramatic looking title. In Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, our young Monster Rider and his companion a "Razewing Rathalos", are sent on an adventure like no other when returning characters Lillia and Reverto are sent on a mission to capture your Rathalos before it realises its full destructive potential and releases the "Wings of Ruin". The misadventure will spiral further as rivalling hunters and Rider band together to capture our companion for their own purposes. We will learn more about closer to the games release this summer on July 9th 2021.

Yesterday's event also introduced the Strategic Elements of Monster Hunter Stories 2. This is an important factor as the combat for this Monster Hunter title will, infact, be turn-based. Much like in the first iteration of Monster Hunter Stories, we will see the return of 3 main attack styles, Power, Speed and Technical, but on top of these move sets, players will also be able to master a variety of other factors too, including weapon type, element and skill, as the challenges go from manageable to incomprehensible. Through the various fighting styles, we will be able to counter devastating attacks and stop enemy monsters in their track. Players will also be able to team up with their own companion monsters to create devastating combo moves known as Kinship attacks, which have the potential to turn the tables on even the most unfair fights.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is available to pre-order now on the Nintendo eStore and on PC via Steam for £44.99. will you be pre-ordering this awesome looking title, or will you be too busy with all the amazing free content now available in Monster Hunter Rise? Let us know in this article's comments on our social media channels which you can find and follow below.

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