Architect Different Structures Across the Ages With The Indie Game Buildest

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

25 Mar 2021

From modest hovels for peasants, all the way through to the pompous skyscrapers of megacities, this exciting little indie game, Buildest, will require you to construct them all. Focusing on the creativity of being an architect, this ambitious title will challenge players with designing, and building unique buildings from across the ages of humanity. Use your honest workers to gather resources and put together your designs, as you see your wonderous creations come to life.

Buildest will start your journey far back into the times pharaohs, a time where construction goals were easy and archaeological wonders which still baffled the age of humans, to this day. As the time progresses, you will visit 8 different unique eras which will represent key architectural styles from our history up to modern society. On each level you will get a design of a specific building and in order to successfully finish level you need to have fully build it! Sounds easy, right?

For those who are interested in relaxing meditative gameplay this game will be an excellent experience for you. The process of construction is amazingly simple and satisfying:

  • Examine the design and find out what materials are needed for architectural element.

  • Create and gather all necessary materials in order to craft an element.

  • Give an order to workers to start building.

  • Watch them being busy and enjoy!

Although be mindful that throughout the game you will encounter various exotic architectural designs, from elaborate Roman arcades to luxurious natural looking iron melded doors for the art nouveau era. All of these have unique handcrafted designs based on real historical prototypes, so creating them won’t be straightforward. For example, in order to use clay on a construction site, you will need to undertake a few specific steps to get this done.

Although this title does not just appeal to that relaxing audience. In fact, a very flexible examination system has been developed which will score your performance based on: Quality, Time and Cost for each construction site. If you want to build quicker, great! Game will literally give you a medal for it. If you want to try to save as much money for the future, well that is achievable. But to those who enjoy a serious challenge, we dare you to try and secure each medal at the same time! But remember you will need to think carefully AND fast about:

  • Worker Placement

  • Element Crafting Order

  • Money Management

I certainly can’t wait to design my very own spectacular temples from Ancient Greece, but I don’t think I’m cut out to achieve the full 3 medals for each level! BUT we will see. Buildest comes out on PC in late 2021! So be sure to Wishlist the game here, as it massively supports the developers and be sure to let us know what you think about the idea of the game in our Discord server, or on a our social media pages linked below.

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