Are You Ready For The Robot Revolution In Rise Of Humanity

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

22 Nov 2021

If you have been keeping up with our occasional posts during our Hiatus, you may already know … THE ROBOT REVOLUTION IS HERE! OK, it might not be in real life, but it has certainly happened in Cybernetic Walrus's Rise of Humanity which dropped into Steam Early Access last month. Since then, I have been making my way through some of the fantastic levels within and have been so excited to share with you my first impressions from this early access turn-based strategy game.

Before I go into my thoughts about Rise of Humanity, let me tell you what it is all about. This turn-based strategy game will put us into a dystopian future where robots of all shapes and sizes (including a close cousin to the Boston Dynamics Dog) have subdued humanity. Few remain, but the time for humanity to rise again has finally come. We start the game as a lone survivor responding to a call for help in a Robot Theme Park. On arrival, we thankfully realise this is not a trap but a genuine call for aid from a fellow survivor. She needs help saving her daughter. So begins our adventure in bringing those who remain together to fight back against the robotic overlords and survive in this harsh, lonely world. We meet various new team members throughout the early access experience, all of which have their own unique abilities and play styles, but all of them are more than capable of helping you Rise up against the robot oppressors. My favourite so far in my experience is "Mom", or The engineer whose giant mech can subdue even the most formidable foes with heavy artillery, support weapons and powerful melee moves.

What really makes Rise of Humanity shine is how it combines deckbuilding elements with the turn-based strategy gameplay, meaning your tactics are constantly forced to vary. You may not be able to play every mission with the same strategy or even every battle because of this, and I love that as it forces you to adapt. This is a gameplay style I personally haven't experienced yet within turn-based games. To some degree, I preferred it purely for the sense of challenge it gave me. There were moments of combat where I would be forced into a defensive stance even if I was on a roll of wiping out robots. Whilst I love steamrollering the enemies in any situation, the cards changing up at any moment also give you an entirely different level of immersion, where you realise you are not a one-man/woman army. You are in fact, only human, meaning unlike the robots, you are not designed to go on and on rolling with the punches.

Another aspect that adds to the challenges within Rise of Humanity is the sheer overwhelming force you are faced with. Not all fights within the game are designed to be won with sheer firepower. Instead, some are meant to be won with grit and evasion. For example, the first time we get to play as the engineer class, this heavy hitter is set against an overwhelming number of enemies as she is left defending the theme park alone. Our job as the engineer is to simply hold out until reinforcements arrive. Whilst her deployable turret and explosives make that a lot easier, the numbers are still too great to just box ourselves into a corner and wait out the timer. Instead, we will need to skillfully manoeuvre around the map, picking off our targets at the right moment until help inevitably arrives.

You can check out Rise of Humanity yourself right here on their steam page, where you will also find their free playable prologue chapter that we spoke about a few months ago, more details about the full game, and of course, the early access edition of Rise of Humanity which I hope you enjoy as much as I have since my return! Be sure to tell us what you think about Rise of Humanity too, by commenting on this article via our Facebook and Twitter page, which you can find and follow below!

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