Armored Xpress Mixes Up Random Game Genres and It Works

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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

18 Apr 2021

Armored Xpress is a new unique story-driven game, that is built up with RPG mechanics, action-adventure mechanics, with a deep and rich ‘Match 3’ battle system. Yep, you DID read that correctly! Stay with us on this one though, as this game has huge potential. Playing as a junior agent for the Armored Xpress Company, you are required to deliver a top priority package in which will have you pit off against a diverse range of enemies with all 3 of these genres all tied together.

The Story 

As you are thrown into this extraordinary journey, Agent 117 and MECH set off to deliver this top priority package to a mysterious client. Though the journey is a dangerous one, filled with treacherous pirate gangs and the villainous "Defiant BOB",  who has put a bounty on the package you are tasked to deliver. But don’t worry though, "MECH"  an advanced military-grade delivery robot has the capability to equip deadly and powerful weapons, allowing agents to defend against these hostile threats. But to do this you’ll need to earn these equips, so be sure to be delivering packages for the helpless townspeople, through various side quests.


  • Story-Driven campaign - Help Agent 117 deliver a top priority package through perilous hostile regions.

  • Active Time Battle system - Actively battle your opponents without waiting.

  • Fully explorable world - Explore a detailed and engaging 3d world.

  • A full array of weapons and items- Purchase and equip up to 4 weapons onto MECH. Use restorative, supportive and attack items to your advantage. Equip various accessories for passive abilities.

  • Unique Bosses and Enemies - Faceoff against colossal bosses and a host of devious enemies that use different abilities and attack patterns that can be affected by in-game world events.

  • Experience-based levelling system- Earn experience points from battles and quests to level up MECH.

The Gameplay 

In combat Armored Xpress MECH uses energy from supply crates that are matched during play to power its weapons and systems. This is where the match 3 part of battles comes into play. Weapons are able to fire at specific power levels with a maximum of 4 levels, that players will build up as they connect boxes of the same colour. Players can strategically fire each weapon when they become available, or they can wait until they are at their maximum level to unleash a powerful devastating attack. Sequential matches of 3 in a turn generates a combo that fills the ABG faster allowing you to use abilities sooner. This consideration of strategy allows you to think about your approach. Will you prioritise the reservation of a weapon saving for that deadly attack or the option of just open fire at will? Depending on your opponent will determine whether either of these strategies will work. Items and other abilities are powered by MECH's ability gauge/ABG system which fills over time, giving the player a lot to juggle for each battle.

In Summary

The idea behind this unique game has a lot of potential to be fun, giving a good fun version of what it would be like trying to control a large mech with huge amounts of buttons and sticks. You can check the games steam page here. Be sure to wishlist it to give the dev some support - it helps them out in so many different ways! We are curious though, what are your thoughts about this title! Be sure to let us know by commenting on the post for this article on our social media pages linked below, or come and join our active community on Discord, where we all talk gaming and everything else in between.

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