Assassins Creed Valhalla Year One Plan

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Jordan Smith

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Raise your horns high! Assassin's Creed Valhalla has announced its Year 1 plan this week, and it is looking incredible! On top of what is already slated to be a huge game, we will also be seeing big additions to the map and some epic battles. In total there are 2 DLC packs included with the Year 1 content and will also include free seasonal updates for all players which begins this December in Season 1. The two DLC packs detailed below will come with the season pass of Assassins Creed Valhalla which is currently available with the Gold and Ultimate editions of the game.

Seasonal content is available for all players, and as mentioned above, it will kick off in December with Season 1. The season will include an in-game event based around the Viking Yule Festival, new settlement buildings and areas, a new "River Raid" mode which will serve as an addition to the in-game raids and a "Jomsviking" update which will allow us to recruit our friends as lieutenants. On top of all of these awesome features, we will also see new weapons, armours, skills, abilities and other cosmetic options. The Valhalla team have also listed their plans for season2 which will come to the game in March. Season 2 will include a fresh update to the Jomsviking feature, new settlement events and a new combat-heavy game mode.

The season pass will come in 2 parts. But before either is released season pass owners will get access to an exclusive quest around British folklore, The Legend of Beowulf. The legend of Beowulf quest will be available on day one of Assassins Creed Valhalla. Beowulf is an Old English Epic Poem filled with Monsters, heroism and a legendary sword called Hrunting, which I hope we will see as the reward for completing the quest.

The first of the two major DLC packs that will launch in the spring of 2021 is called Wrath of the Druids. Wrath of the Druids will send us to Celtic Ireland as we track a druidic cult surrounded in mystery and ancient secrets. Wrath of the Druids will send us headfirst into Gaelic myths and folklore. We will experience haunting forests, which I can imagine are filled with references to banshees and fairies. We will also get to experience the beauty of Ireland's countryside as we hunt the cult and gain the favour of Ireland's Gaelic Kings.

Part two of the season pass will release in the Summer of 2021, and it is a DLC we here at 3Bit are incredibly excited for. The aptly named Siege of Paris will see us taking part in the most ambitious Viking Raid in the Norse raiders history. We will venture into a war-torn France as we fight our way down the River Seine to the heavily fortified city of Paris. We will need to infiltrate the vast French city to uncover secrets, form alliances and protect the future of the Clan. This DLC could feature some incredible battles, and we cannot wait to see how Ubisoft and the Assassins Creed team pull off this ambitious DLC.

Assassins creed Valhalla launches on November 11th 2020 and will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. If you want to see more excellent gaming news from across the whole gaming community, then be sure to follow us here at 3Bit on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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