Atomic Heart Explores A Secret Only Known To The Soviets

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Publish Date:

17 Oct 2021

When I first saw the trailer to Atomic Heart, my initial reaction was really simple as there is only one reaction you can have to this trailer …  What drugs did someone slip into my morning coffee? What is that robot? Why is said robot carrying apples in his head? I needed a second look. During my second time watching this trailer, I was a bit less shocked and able to take in just how beautiful this game looks, even though I have absolutely no idea what I'm seeing. So let's try and break this down.

Atomic Heart is set in an alternative universe where the Soviet Union has massively advanced its technology with robotics. You are an elite KGB agent tasked to infiltrate a facility where robots have rebelled against the people. You need to eliminate and prevent leakage of classified information to the wider world. From what we've seen, the overworld visuals are stunning, from the outside world full of tress hills and roads to the more strange environments of the facility itself. All in all, the world's very familiar but with the classic sci-fi twist of alternative realities. The design of the robots, however, are quite surreal, you have what we can assume to be a chunky first-gen robot to the haunting blank face of the more human-type robots, and that's not even considering the several strange "creature" type robots either.

How do you battle these numerous weird and wonderful enemies, you may ask? Well, fortunately, Atomic Heart has you craft unique and still very bizarre weapons, both melee and firearms. All of them can be further modified to ensure you have the right tool for the right problem. Further to this and some of you Bioshock lovers may have noticed, you also become equipped with a polymer glove which provides a few additional ways to deal with issues as they arrive. While we don't have any confirmation on the powers, the ones shown include Sith style lightning, hacking and potentially even the ability to slow time.

The game has, unfortunately, been delayed in the past. However, with the trailer making an appearance this year in the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, I'm hoping we will be able to get our hands on this very soon. The game hasn't a release date, but will be released on PC, Xbox One and Series X/S (Also available on Game Pass) and PlayStation 4/5.

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