Baldur's Gate Panel From Hell and Early Access Release Date

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Jordan Smith

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In typical Larian Style we saw a very peculiar panel today. The Panel From Hell brought us new cinematics, news and gameplay from the highly anticipated Baldur’s Gate 3. The panel was hosted by Geoff Keighley of the game awards, who was joined by Sven Vinke, the founder of Larian, who in true Larian style was donned in metal armour, surrounded by some extremely well-made décor. Joining these 2 incredible hosts was the writer for Baldur’s Gate 3 Adam Smith and Game designer Chris Perkins from Wizards of The Coast.

The panel started off with an extended version of the opening cinematic, featuring a Mind Flayer fleeing Githyanki dragon riders. What we see in the extended cut of this cinematic is the Mind Flayer’s Vessel landing in Hell, this is where our story in Baldur’s Gate will begin. We will enter hell on the first layer, where Demons and Devil’s will be fighting against one and other in the Eternal War. The main aspect of the story will be centred around us trying to remove the parasite that the Mind Flayer put in our eye in the opening cut scene. As we progress, we will realise that the parasite will be giving us new abilities, but we are currently not turning into a Mind Flayer ourselves. The story will centre around not just our own choices, but also around our party’s choices. In multiplayer each party member will be able to interact with objects and people in their own way and one example given was making a deal with a Devil, and whilst you can choose to accept the deal, another party may decide to do the opposite and between you both you will be able to deal with the consequences of your choices. Larian claim to have made the game as reactive as possible to each player, meaning everybody will be able to feel as though they are playing Dungeons and Dragons even in multiplayer.

The main focus of the Panel from Hell was to discuss Early Access, which will be coming to PC and Stadia on September 30th, 2020 (Hopefully). Early Access will feature the entire of act one and though Larian is working at 50-60% capacity in their offices they feel confident that the first Act will be fully playable by the end of September. Larian wants to use Early Access to test the systems of Baldur’s Gate 3, to find out what areas need nerfing, what areas need toughening up, along with general quality improvements and bug fixing. Just by playing the game and allowing Larian to access your game data will be a massive help to how they polish Baldur’s Gate 3. If you want to help Larian Further they will also have community managers within the Steam community page, and on the Larian forums. Early Access will feature 20 hours of content, along with 5 different companions including a slightly altered Intellect Devourer, a variety of races, classes and subclasses, along with a vast array of enemies, including an Owlbear, which can also be interacted with in a friendly way. You can check out the full Panel from Hell below, where you can check out the awesome opening cinematic, new gameplay moments such as summoning familiars and talking to the dead, along with some incredible gameplay from Crusher, in which we will see him try to “Robin Hood” a ring from a goblins toe.

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