Beautifully Animated Deck-Building Robot Battles, You Say?

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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

21 May 2021

Jupiter Moons: Mecha puts you in control of a bounty hunting mech. Whilst battling it out with mega-corporations and elite fighters, players will build up a powerful collection of moves and abilities to use in each fight. Choose your mech, customize your loadout, and build the perfect deck to become the strongest bounty hunter out on these wild moons. Experiment with cards to find powerful combinations as you persevere through beautiful tactical combat and deckbuilding in this roguelike adventure!

The Story:

During the time where humanity is in the process of colonizing the moons of Jupiter, mega-corporations injected money onto these moons, creating a rise of metropolises and at worst, conflict. Cities were razed and lives were lost but as things started to settle down, the corporations had all but completely abandoned the moons, leaving them derelict and limited with resources. Because of this, a wild frontier was born. Now home to the lawless and brave, things are slowly rebuilding. Immigrants from other planets arrive seeking a new life and Freelancing bounty hunters are all that remain to uphold a new, tenuous sense of order.

The Features:

  • Build Your Mech - Choose your Mech frame ranging from the melee-oriented assault frames, the stealth sniper frames, or just opt-in for raw laser firepower.

  • Endless Loops of Mecha Power- Missions, enemies, and items are procedurally generated, making each piloting adventure feel different.

  • Build Your Perfect Deck - Collect weapons, shields, and equipment by destroying your opponents in battle. Victory serves you with new 'toys' for your mech, swapping out parts will adjust your combat deck.

  • Every Mech Needs a Powerful Pilot - Earn pilot skill points to level abilities that synergies with your deck - what's the point of having a kick-ass mech if you're not a kick-ass pilot?!

In Summary:

Jupiter Moons: Mecha is a fun new take on a classic formula, in which we cannot wait to see what comes out of it. Developers Rock&Bushes from Poland have been putting a huge amount of effort into this game, giving it clean animations and visuals. If you’d like to support the developer, please feel free to go and Wishlist the game on Steam. Wishlisting games supports developers in so many ways, including allowing them to have a presentable ‘stat’ to show publishers how visible their game is. It does so much more than this, so be sure to Wishlist any great indie game you come across.

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