Bioware gives us our First Official Look at Dragon Age 4

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Kyle Smith

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Today during Gamescon, Bioware showed off some concept footage of the latest Dragon Age and teased us with what we can expect in the next instalment. Although we have not been shown any official gameplay, we were graced with snippets of the worlds that we will be exploring in the next entry, which gives us idea of the state of the world.

Bioware teased that this game focuses on people who don’t have grand power to raise an army, or have the power to hold back a blight, then showing us a group of people banding together via concept. This hints massively that this Dragon Age will take a similar pattern to the first game, in which you are on a quest, where all the odds are stacked against you. If this is true, and this game is taking cues from the first entry, then we are sure to be in for a delight.

We also got a sneak peak at what the character models will look like in this title, giving us a snippet of the new highly graphical look at our traitor from Inquisition, Solas. His facial model looks extremely detailed with porous skin and real facial definition. This combined with what we’ve seen in the environments, this game is truly going to be utilising the next generation hardware to give us a beautiful and dark experience with this entry.

We here at 3-Bit are huge fans of the Dragon Age story and cannot wait to see what Bioware has installed for us, in this next entry. From what we see, we think we might be in a collapsed world, set around the Tevinter Imperium, based on a few sneaky peaks we get in this reveal. Be sure to follow our social media pages using the buttons below, and comment on our post to tell us you theories about the latest Dragon Age.

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