Circuits and Shields Your Next MOBA to dominate

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

26 Apr 2021

MOBA's are often seen as the heart of Esports, but without a new one to play, they can become incredibly difficult for new players gamers to get in to. Thankfully Indie developers Koza Games have exactly that, an all-new MOBA, Circuits and Shields. This great new title plans to take the classic MOBA play style and simplify it for new players whilst streamlining it for the veterans, by enhancing stats and skills whilst sticking to the traditional 5 vs 5 high stakes combat that we have come to know and love throughout the classic multiplayer genre.

What makes Circuits and Shields so unique?

Designed in Unreal 4 Circuits and Shields elevates the MOBA experience by accelerating what many would call boring segments of the intense games with what Koza Games call "blessings", a new twist added to the classic gameplay, which you will be able to learn more about by playing the game first hand during one of the many free play weekends, which you can learn more about in Koza's Discord.

Of course, like most MOBA games, Circuits and Shields is a game that is easy to pick up but difficult to master, but Circuits and Shields plan to make that transition from noob to master as smooth as possible. For the most part, this will be done through augmentations, which will give each of the unique playable characters multiple ways to play. Along with “Augments” there are other great features that give Circuits and Shields an edge over some MOBA's, including transparent MMR values, various ways to play and most importantly NO Pay To Win.

Multiple ways to win.

Along with the traditional MOBA 5vs5 games, Circuits and shields will also include several other game modes, including "Circuitball", which is played on a map by the same name, is a unique game where players will have to pass and secure a "ball" in the enemy teams endzone. Other incredible sounding maps that will be introduced is Standoff, which will serve as the "ARAM" (All Random All Mid) Map and Siege, which will pit the teams into a Helms Deep style of gameplay where one team attacks and another defends. On top of each of these incredible sounding maps, Circuits and shields will also include several currently unnamed features that will take place during laning and spawning, along with another feature called "environmental Mapping", where the map will dynamically build around additional structural selections during the draft phase.

Lore galore

With all of these fantastic sounding features and game modes, it can be forgiven to forget that MOBA's are also full of lore and deep character stories, but Koza Games have got that covered too, with several characters each with their own backstories and unlockable cosmetics. Circuits and shields awards players during their tough battles with unique cosmetics for each character, ranging from the freshest shoes to the hottest cleaning apparatus, along with new emotes and other cosmetic effects.

With Cosmetics aside, the lore of Circuits and Shields is also a major presence, as the games website offers backstories to each of the 12 available champions, along with some epic lore behind the world Circuits. Shields is set in. you can find out more about the world of Circuits and Shields here. You can learn even more about each champion in the special video showcase below!

Circuits and Shields plans to release fully on September 1st 2022, but you can check out the game's Discord here, where you may find yourself an opportunity to try out the Alpha build of Circuits and Shields. Koza Games will also be entering crowdfunding very soon too, where you will be able to back the project for some incredible rewards, so be sure to follow their Twitter page here if you would like to know more about this great opportunity to support the Developers.

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