Clean The Streets of White Sock Sandal Combos and Major Fashion Disasters

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Kyle (Blooicide)

Publish Date:

4 Apr 2021

Fashion Police Squad (FPS) is a brilliantly though out retro FPS in the vein of great classic shooters such as Duke Nukem and Doom. The difference here though is that the player needs to fight a much more terrifying enemy… Fashion Criminals. As Sergeant Des, you will  use attire enhancing weaponry to rid this dark world of awful clothing combos like White Socks and Sandals. Let me be clear, this is the opportunity to pull the pants up on those people who wear them around their knees, using the belt of justice!

A Fabulous Story of Redemption

FPS has an absorbing story in which puts players into a world where solving fashion crimes is one of the countries highest priorities. This title will very quickly have players finding and collecting swag, whilst drinking mocktails right off these broken streets. But don’t worry, as you find and correct these fashion criminals, they will attend the Parole Ball, in which you will get to see their corrected ways, first hand. This story is full of class, character, sass and a dark mystery behind the sudden resurgence of Fashion Criminals!

On Fleek & Boojie Gameplay

Weapons is the name of the game in an FPS games, and this FPS has it all! Sew, Saturate, Whip and Blast your way through this game’s levels, as you quickly bring down fashion crime, with satisfying attire correcting weapons. But be mindful, the wrong weapon used in the wrong situation will lead to an even worse fashion disaster! Fashion Crimes require unique solutions. Plan you attack, switch your approach all whilst on the fly. Remember, the Belt of Justice is the perfect tool required to fix those sagging pants! Let’s get rid of these unstylish perps!

Fashion Police Squad is a fresh new take on a classic genre, which keeps things light-hearted and fun, whilst offering a new challenge. The art style is well stylised, offering a modern take on old graphics. I for one am excited to play this, as I’m a sucker for games that don’t take themselves serious and just offer players a chance of playing something fun. Let us know what your thoughts are on this crazy title in our Discord Server or on our social media channels linked below. If you like what you see, be sure to go and Wishlist this game on Steam linked here.

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