Cleaning Has Never Been So Gruesome In Body Of Evidence

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Publish Date:

17 Oct 2021

As I recently moved into a house and with little money to my name, I went through my gaming list and found a rather unique (at the time anyway) game called House Flipper. With little money to my name, I found the perfect escapism. Clean and transform a house all while sitting comfortably in my office, I heard some mutterings through the grapevine that the people behind the game Empyrean were developing another game in the same vein as it, but it went a little silent until now.

Empyrean’s upcoming title Body of Evidence (BoE) takes the already established cleaning formula from House Flipper. It adds a very curious twist to it, you play as a cleaner, someone sent to crime scenes to clean up, which entails corpse disposal and dealing with the evidence, all while following an engaging storyline full of twists and turns provided both by the mob and the police themselves.

While the visuals are a bit low poly and have a beige overtone, this particular art style really packs a punch when shown such vivid reds. To me, it invokes almost a noir style of scene similar to what you’d expect from a 1940’s drama. If the trailers are anything to go by, they have absolutely embraced this feeling of noir as they’ve included very groovy music tracks, all of these combined will definitely make this game stand out.

If you loved House Flipper or PowerWash Simulator, this game would definitely provide you with the satisfaction of a job well done. The creativity shown is very impressive, not only do you clean what you can see, you will need to reorganise rooms, store bodies in sofas, or disposing of the “parts” in toilets and bins, lock picking, and even using luminol to show up the hidden dirty. This would be more than enough to deal with. However, you also have to deal with the timer too as every scene needs to be done quickly and efficiently so you can walk out of the door with clean hands. The game has been delayed a bit, but we’re hoping to see BoE on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One this year.

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