Cloudscape Is NOT Just Another Cute Pixel Art Farming Sim

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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

25 Apr 2021

At first glance you will look at Cloudscape and instantly draw your mind to the infamous farming sim Stardew Valley. But… what if we told you that Cloudscape was in fact more like the original Legend of Zelda, with Stardew Valley mechanics mixed within? Because that is exactly what this little indie title is! Whilst you are required to explore and build up an uninhabited Island, at night this little tropical paradise will become infested with danger, in which you need to survive. The best way to describe this concoction of game is to consider this an open-world, action-adventure, survival game, as opposed to a farming sim!

In Cloudscape You play as Kumo, a Cloudling who awakes on an uninhabited island. When you take control of this cute little protagonist, you are required to explore the island and gather resources. You will then use these to make tools that will ultimately help you survive and adventure deeper into the island. BUT… Beware! Because at night, strange monsters will appear, ready to attack you! You will need to prepare yourself and keep a fire going to make it through the night. With these mechanics in mind, it is your job to survive long enough to escape the island and uncover new islands with new places to explore new faces, and much more!


  • Mine, Woodcut, Farm, Fish, Forage and Craft as you explore different islands

  • Many inhabitants to meet! Make friends, enemies or even find love

  • Fight to survive the night! Craft and uncover new weapons to help defend yourself in the dark.

  • Explore a rich world with new exotic locales and unlock many new resources, tools and abilities to help take you further into the world

  • Build a house, decorate it, fill it with stuff! Customize your look with different clothing

  • Catch bugs, tame and raise animals, learn to cook, dig for buried treasure, solve puzzles and uncover secrets

All in all, Cloudscape looks like a promising new take on a popular and saturated market. Its cute visual styling makes it feel accessible to a range of different audiences, whilst its attention to using the famous UI we have become used to within games like Minecraft, Stardew Valley and Terraria. We are quite excited to see how this game grows, but if you are interested in this game like us, be sure to Wishlist it on steam here, as this helps the developers massively in so many ways that you could not imagine!

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