Co-Op Games to Play with Your Valentines on Valentines

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

12 Feb 2021

The time has come where we show love to those we cherish, and we painstakingly plan how to spend this famous “day of love”. So, we have a suggestion for you! Why don’t you pull out that second controller and have a day of bonding over some good old-fashioned gaming! Here are our 5 recommended games to co-op together on, for valentines’ day.

Want a day on a romantic beach with your better half? Are you stuck at home because COVID…? Then, say no more… Sea of Thieves has 100’s of miles of beaches to visit, treasure to plunder and people to force to walk plank whilst, you hold the hand of you significant other and laugh at other players perils. For those who have not played Sea of Thieves due to its exclusivity to Xbox on the consoles, then get your self-booted onto your PCs or Laptops and dive into this epic adventure with your loved one at your side. The world is your oyster and as a dynamic couple, you chose whether to cause chaos, or chase adventure.

Are you both fans of the old-style Final Fantasy games? If the answer is yes, then this is the game for you! In Haven you play as a couple on the adventure of a lifetime as you escape to a tropical paradise. Resolve your lover’s tiffs in game, romance each other to your heart content and battle primordial evil, ridding this world of corruption! A typical day out for the normal couple! Haven is a great game with local co-op, so you and your loved one can pick up one copy of this epic adventure and navigate its world together.

Mario is back on the Switch and although it is not an entirely new adventure, there is new content! Using its local co-op mode, both you and your significant other can pick up a controller and jump into Mario’s 3D Worlds simultaneously, jumping your way to that pearly flag at the end of each level. What’s more, if you are the type of couple that likes to troll each other, there is a lot of room for that in this game too! You can jump on your allies, pushing them down to the ground, and you throw them, forcing them into enemy waves… SO be sure to have some fun when playing this a duo.

Remember the days of Streets of Rage, sat with controller in toe, teaming up with your best buddy, slamming down gangsters of the street? Well Scott Pilgrim offers you an RPG, valentines’ alternative that your partner is sure to love. Play as Scott and his crew, beating down gangsters, school goers, popular kids, punks and every other stereo type under the sun! The beauty is, this can all be done on local co-op, taking you right back to those golden days of gaming – but with your other half!

Are you and your partner looking for a tranquil laid back Valentines day? Do you both like games where you can build stuff and just have fun? Well, Stardew Valley will do exactly that, with both online co-op and local co-op! Together, you will be tasked with restoring your old farm and working with a community… the best yet, after a lot of effort, you can even digitally MARRY your significant other! Build the best farm, fight, marry, fish and window shop – it’s all down entirely to you. Play this one, how ever you like.

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