Comparing the Real London to Watch Dogs Legion

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Jordan Smith

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The City of London, the smoky jewel of Great Britain and our great Capital City. Filled with intricate side streets, instantly recognisable sites and more people than there is space for in most parts. This great City has been seen from the driver’s seat or cockpits in great games in the past. However, it has been a long time since the streets of London have been truly explorable.

That is until we saw the release of Watch Dogs Legion last week. In Watch Dogs Legion we can fully explore eight boroughs of London including the tourist-heavy Camden and Westminster districts. But how does Ubisoft’s Depiction of the great City compare to the real deal? We here at 3Bit are regularly in the City, be it for work or leisure, so we thought who better to compare the all-new Ubisoft title to the real thing.

As we mentioned, London is full of Iconic landmarks that define the great City, such as Buckingham Palace, The HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London and much more. Watchdogs Legion has absolutely nailed these sites in appearance, even if they are now littered in Albion propaganda that rightfully needs taking down. Whilst not all of the major tourist sites are within the boundaries of Watch Dogs Legion, what is there is spectacular and from what I can tell from hours of exploring the game is that for the area that Ubisoft have chosen, everything that matters is there.

One of the first tourist sites I visited in my playthrough was Buckingham palace via Trafalgar Square. As I drove around to these locations, the roads and streets, whilst downsized were instantly recognisable. I even found myself going oh if I go up there ill be going to this location and if I take a left there it will lead me toward that location. I was able to find my way with no issue and was only in awe at how well they had managed to recreate the iconic sites.

I even had to get out of the car several times to stop and admire several more minor locations and the incredible skylines that you can see compared below, with one of our own photos taken on the Waterloo Bridge, compared to the new London Skyline again taken on the Waterloo Bridge.

So, I decided to carry on exploring London rather than progressing the game, visiting old stomping grounds, photography points and other famous landmarks. As I did, I was continually impressed with Watch Dogs Legions representation of London. It wasn’t just the big details that were there such as the landmarks, but the minor ones too, such as the hanging lanterns in China town (which we have created a comparison of below through one of our own images) and the intricate wall art that sits atop many of Camden high Streets shops.

To say I am impressed with the Layout off London would, in fact, be an understatement everything you would expect to be there is there, for the most part. The downsizing of the maps did include the reduction of buildings in London and whilst the majority would go unmissed to the untrained eye I was able to pick up on a few locations that had disappeared, such as terminal train stations such as Liverpool Street. However, it is also understandable that these areas have disappeared as it would bring in countless fast travel locations, ultimately clogging up the map, much like a real map of London.

The details did not stop there; however, as whilst I explored Watch Dogs’ London, I began to realise something else. The coffee shop placement was spot on. Starbucks and Costas can be found dotted all over London, and in Watch Dogs Legion Ubisoft has found and replicated most of the larger ones with their aptly named Star dodgers Coffee. Below we even have a comparison for you to check out of the Starbucks in Camden compared to the Star Dodgers in Watchdogs Legion.

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