Coridden Will Be Shapeshifting Its Way Onto PC Next Year

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

14 Jul 2021

Today Swedish Indie developers Aftnareld released an announcement trailer for their upcoming co-op RPG Coridden.  This exciting new title will put us in the shoes of one of four siblings as we go on an adventure like no other, whether that is alone or as brothers and sisters in a story that allows up to 4 players with a key focus on Teamwork and the siblings’ shapeshifting abilities.

As one of the thrill-seeking four Siblings, we will receive an old artefact that gifts us the superhuman ability to shapeshift through gathering DNA from defeated creatures and using it to become what they once were, giving you the edge required to overcome many challenges both in and out of combat. Using this newfound ability, we will discover the secrets of a once lost civilization and save our people from a threat that has been undisturbed for a long time. Coridden promises a range of paths through decisions made in conversation.

Coridden has no release date, but from what we have seen in this new announcement trailer, it looks like a lot of fun, with various ways to win each battle and tons of challenging puzzles to solve, along with a tonne of exciting abilities and weapons. Coridden is looking like a game in which Teamwork will make the dream work, but has it piqued your interest as a game to play with friends when it releases on PC next year? Let us know in this article’s comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages below.

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