Could Star Wars Battlefront 3 be announced this year

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

11 Jan 2021

It looks like Inferno Squad could be suiting back up and we could be seeing a Star Wars Battlefront 3 announcement very soon. Thanks to Reddit user PotatoSlayer2, we have been drawn to a few tweets by Janina Gavankar Anthony Skordi and T.J Ramini, who play Star Wars Battlefront 2 characters, Iden Versio, Admiral Versio and Del Meeko. The tweets all started back in November and have not picked up a lot of traction, but thanks to PotatoSlayer 2 the link has been made and now we can share with you what we know. When it comes to Battlefront 2's lead protagonist Iden Versio, Portrayed by Janina Gavankar we see not one, but two different Motion capture suits for the actress, along with the quote "Diff Day Diff Suit, this is one of the coolest weeks of my life." It is evident that the actress is working on something new, but this could mean she is working on anything. The plot begins to thicken once she tags her location in a third tweet at a motion capture studio in Los Angeles. Anthony Skordi, A.K.A Admiral Versio, the lead antagonist of Battlefront 2 also posted a tweet from a Motion Capture studio a few days apart from Janina, but it would seem this tweet has since been deleted.

Anthony also made several other tweets showing he was back to work in voice acting, sharing a picture of a recording booth. He answered fan questions with a shh emoji, meaning what he was doing was clearly under wraps. Taking a more conspiracy theory route, we can also confirm that both Anthony and Janina were in Los Angeles at the same time, with a tweet from Anthony showing he was in an L.A shopping mall the same day Janina was recording Motion Capture. However, being that both cast members live in Los Angeles, it is unlikely to be linked to any work on a new Star Wars game.

The real icing on the cake comes from T.J Ramini, who also posted Motion Capture suits with the quote "hello old friend". But that isn't the best part. The highlight of T.J's Twitter interactions come from a video he posted on the 19th of December. It was a clip of the character Del Meeko, published by Anthony Skordi, who quoted "TJ Ramini is such a wonderful actor and an amazing human being", to which T.J had replied, "Right Back Atcha, mate, so lovely seeing and working with you again. On What, we shan't reveal, of course." With all of these clues piled together, it is highly likely that we could be seeing Inferno Squad and their former commander return for another Battlefront title. However based on the ending of Battlefront 2;s story the question still remains, Where will this part of the Battlefront Saga be based? Let us know your thoughts about these tweets, and whether you think Battlefront 3 will get an announcement soon, by joining our social media pages and commenting on this articles post.

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