Cyberpunk 2077 gets a brand new hot fix patch

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

19 Dec 2020

Cyberpunk has released a new patch that fixes ALOT of issues. Although this doesn't completely fix the game, it does bring it to MUCH better point that it was at during release. Here is the list of changes: Quests Fixed an issue with completing the final objective in Gig: Freedom of the Press. Fixed an issue with starting conversation with Johnny at the end in Life During Wartime. Corrected a rare issue with NPCs no longer calling V if A Like Supreme quest was abandoned mid-way. Fixed an issue with Nix not going into his default state in Spellbound and KOLD MIRAGE. Fixed issues blocking progress in I Fought The Law if the quest area is left. Fixed inability to find Delamain in Epistrophy. Fixed issues related to remaining in the second phase of the quest after finishing Pacifica fight with Ozob if played after Finals. Fixed an issue with Nomads no longer present if V leaves the quest area mid-combat in With a Little Help from My Friends/Queen of the Highway. Adjusted mappings and re-enabled quest tracker in M'ap Tann Pèlen/I Walk the Line/Transmission. Fixed constraints on freedom to get up and sit down if neither blueline condition is met in Violence. Fixed issues with time and space resulting from leaving the quest area or abandoning the quest in Following the River. Fixed an issue with conversation with Johnny not starting after leaving the hotel in Tapeworm. Fixed an issue with quest being blocked upon leaving the quest area before climbing the hill in Following the River. Fixed the objective “Go into booth 9” not completing if the room’s entered too fast in Automatic Love. Fixed Jackie’s issues with sitting still in The Ripperdoc. Other quest fixes Gameplay Fixed the preview in weapon crafting. Visual Reduced vehicle appearance pop-in. Speeded up switching first person perspective to third person perspective in a vehicle. Fixed issues with animations missing from important quest NPCs during cinematics. Performance & Stability Improved stability, including various crash fixes. Miscellaneous Modified the flashing effect on braindances to reduce the risk of inducing epileptic symptoms. The effect has been smoothed out and the flashes reduced in frequency and magnitude. Removed copyrighted songs incorrectly present in the game with "Disable Copyrighted Music" feature toggled on. PC-specific Switching language to default in the in-game settings now correctly sets it to the language of your Steam client. Console-specific Improved reflections quality on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to eliminate the smudge effect. Fixed “The Wasteland” achievement being stuck on 97% after completing all relevant missions in The Badlands on Xbox. Fixed an issue with missing PT-BR VO for Xbox players in Americas.

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