DEATHLOOP Official Launch Date Revealed

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

13 Nov 2020

Finally after a couple of leaks, the release date for Arkane Studios time bending shooter DEATHLOOP has been announced. We can expect this epic to appear on PlayStation 5 consoles from the 21st May 2021. This is an exciting title, especially for fans of games such as Dishonored or Prey, as the game follows a very similar play style to these titles, in which skills are the key weapon in your arsenal, opposed to the many varied powerful guns and rifles. DEATHLOOP transports players to the Island of Blackreef, where two assassins are pitted off against each-other in an endless. The levels have been meticulously designed to create the most fun and immersive gameplay possible, which allows you to approach every corner in a unique way. Developers Arkane have worked extremely hard in making the game balance skill and fun, ensuring that players always feel in control of the action and their experience with it.

Additionally Arkane have shown 2 sets of DLC, one of which comes with the Digital Deluxe version of the game, and the other with pre-orders. These pre-orders show us the games possibility to bring unique designs and looks to your characters, that can ensure that everything you do, you do in style. With the Pre-order DLC, we are treated to a "Storm Rider" skin for the male character Colt, with One Trinket, and a PS5 exclusive "Royal Protector" Machete. Whilst with the Digital Deluxe version of the game player will be treated to 2 trinkets, a PS5 exclusive "Transtar Trencher" weapon, and a smart outfits for both Colt and Julianna. Additionally with the Deluxe edition player will be able to redeem 2 golden guns, one .44 Karat Fourpounder and a "Eat The Rich" Tribunal.

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