Destroyer U Boat Hunter a WW2 Story from a different front

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

6 Jan 2021

When it comes to WW2, we often see games focussing on the army and Navy, with the European and African front as the key focal point. However, indie developers Iron Wolf Studio looked to a different armed force and a different front to create their WW2 title, Destroyer: The U boat Hunter. Destroyer: U-Boat Hunter focusses on a destroyer on the Atlantic front as U-Boats plague the ocean, targeting much-needed supplies heading between the United States of America and Great Britain. Destroyer: U-Boat Hunter is an interactive story based on the crew of a United States Fletcher Class Destroyer, which had been meticulously reconstructed for the game along with some key elements that a ship of the said class would have on board at the time. The team at Iron Wolf Studios have stated that this was thanks to the help they received from members of the USS Kidd Veterans Museum.

Destroyer: U-Boat Hunter puts us into the shoes of the vessel's Captain as we set a course across the Atlantic, hunting the Nazi's that lie in wait under the waves. As the Captain, you are ultimately responsible for the crews' well-being and making the hard choices that face a wartime crew as they "cross the pond". The premise of this title looks incredibly gripping, as in the trailer above we see the Captain stuck with the hard choice of either saving his crewmates or pursuing a U-Boat that threatens other vessels making the crossing. Based on the trailer it also seems that we will be responsible for coordinating the Destroyer's course and battle plan, as we make each stretch of the journey, something that you would only really experience in a Simulator, rather than a story-driven interactive piece. I for one, am looking forward to experiencing Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter, which is planned to release on PC in q3 2021. Be sure to let us know what you think to this different take on WW2 Gameplay in this article's comments on our social media pages that you can find and follow below.

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