Do YOU Like Building Things and Destroying Them? Check This Out!

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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

21 May 2021

Developer MeNic Games is creating a fun little experience that invites players to build “Tinytopias” on top of virtual worktops! Although this mix doesn’t just mean building on a flat surface, as we see in the sneak preview above, we can also build on all manner of unique household items, adding a fun spin to managing these little ‘Topias’. Coming to Steam this year, this physics-based city builder will allow you to create tiny-little cities, only limited by your imagination!

The Gameplay:

Players are titled as the Mayor of Tinytopia, tasked with building up a living breathing city, made to look like they have been built out of household items and toys. The goal of Tinytopia is to attract citizens to your community, eventually growing it into busy, well-populated, TINY, megacities. Although, not all toys in this world are here to help you. In fact, some of these are what most people would consider disastrous! So be sure to keep an eye out and protect your citizens from “Natural Disasters” or epic wind-up DINOSAUR attacks!

The Features:

  • BIG GOALS, BIG CITIES, MINIATURE PIECES! Playful blend of city-building, physics-based puzzle-solving, and satisfying destruction.

  • CRAFT HAPPENS! Innovative, physics-based mechanics, miniature building blocks can be combined and stacked on top of one another to form awesome megastructures!

  • A SMASHING GOOD TIME! Protect tiny citizens from catastrophes like tornadoes, fires, monster attacks, UFOs, and more. Or flip a switch and watch it all come crumbling down!

  • BALANCE. STACK. PLAN. PLAY! Challenge Levels are full of physics-based fun that will test the limits of your planning and balancing skills, timing, and creativity.

The Summary:

All in all, Tinytopia takes the things we love from cult classic city builders like Sims City and does something genuinely new. Its graphics look fun, and its overall quality looks really well-thought-out. We can’t wait to play the game, but be sure to support the devs by Wishlisting the game on Steam. Wishlisting games supports developers in so many ways, including allowing them to have a presentable ‘stat’ to show publishers how visible their game is. It does so much more than this, so be sure to Wishlist any great indie game you come across.

Also, Did you know that we have an active Discord Channel in which we have both Developers and Gamers mixed? It is a nice little community where we can all talk gaming, without judgement and genuinely have some really good conversations! Joining our community is free! No special requirements, so what are you waiting for? Click here to join! 

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