EGX 2021 One Lucky Duo Wins Big with Asus Republic Of Gamers

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

12 Oct 2021

Esports is slowly growing here in the UK, and as part of this comes the return of Live events. While EGX ran daily events with Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 with daily prizes to be won, another Esports event took place within the Excel Centre by the Republic Of Gamers, with their in-person finals to the For Those Who Dare Challenge Tournament on Rocket League. The Tournament qualifiers were held before the event via and were open to any duos over 16. Players were competing for a £10k prize pool and a chance to have their gaming space renovated by IKEA, who have recently partnered with ASUS ROG to create a new line of gamer specific furniture. You can check out how the prize pool was split below for the duos.

  • 1st £5k split and a gaming space upgrade by IKEA.

  • 2nd £3kSplit and Merch.

  • 3rd £1.5K Split and Merch.

The Semifinals and Finals were hosted live at EGX. The Stage was set on the Saturday of EGX, and crowds gathered for each live event. The competition was intense during the live event with 4 teams taking part, Team Endkeys, Team Poob, Team We Win Thanks and Team Fergm. In the first Semi-Final,  Team Endkeys took the win and the first final spot by beating Team Fergm in a best of 7 matches game which they dominated 4-0. In the second Semi-Final Team Poob, who were seen as the real rival to Endkeys, fought hard to claim their spot in the final against Team We Win Thanks. Team Poop won their spot with a final score of 4-1.

Moving into the finals, it was once again best of 7.  Poob and Endkeys both opened strong with a very close game from both teams. Poob’s Hibbs and Eekso worked hard to beat Endkeys Kash and Relenting Wave, but it was ultimately Endkeys that stole the final goal in this well-played match. After almost getting dominated Poob in the first round, however, Team Endkeys put the pedal to the metal and dominated the next 2 rounds, 6-0 and 9-3. In round 3 Poob really tried to fight back, but the teamwork within Endkeys was unstoppable, and this carried on right through into the 4th and final round where Endkeys took the W and the grand prize with a 6-2 decider!

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