Epic Vs Apple Day One and the shocking reveals

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

4 May 2021

This decade's first major battle of the gaming world has officially begun this week, with the opening day of Epic Vs Apple taking place on Bank Holiday Monday/ early hours of Tuesday morning. This explosive first day in court has revealed many harsh truths hidden from gamers, from the true cost of free games, to how sony vehemently opposed cross play! But what are the key aspects to take away from day one? We have researched high and low to bring you all the latest from a case that is likely to turn the gaming world upside down!

Before we go into any shocking discoveries exposed during the case, we thought it best to remind readers what this case is all about. Epic is currently suing Apple to end "Apple's unfair and anti-competitive actions that Apple undertakes to unlawfully maintain its monopoly in two distinct, multibillion-dollar markets". The key focus is on Apple's control over its App Store and its processes payments for in-game/app purchases. Epic is not seeking monetary compensation and is instead of taking what can be seen as a more noble approach and is only asking Apple to change its policies, including the 30% cut Apple takes from any in-app purchases.

Today Simon Carless, founder of Game Discovery Co., Shared documents that were "Accidently published early", which shows just how much Epic pay for the games that they give away for free. From this image, we can see that Epic averagely pays $2.37 per copy distributed by this method. However, there are some anomalies, such as Celeste, which took $12.70 per unit. The exposure of this news has caused a split among gamers as many claim epic isn't giving enough to developers, whilst those on the other side of the fence state the fact that both parties will have agreed to the amount in question. Many, if not all, will have been happy with the funds they received from Epic to distribute the game for free.

Another key aspect taken from this case was in the form of Crossplay and to what lengths Sony went to in order to make something that was designed to unite gamers into a profitable gain. In several emails, Epic tried to win over Sony, offering the media giant publicity and partnership through Esports and E3, along with company-wide Unreal 4 licences and commitments to create exclusive games for Sony's next VR platform. Sony refused all of these offers, which many would see as highly generous, as it was not a move that would benefit Sony as a whole, and instead found a way to monetise on Crossplay, where many developers are charged to support Crossplay on this platform. This shocking news came from Tom Warren from The Verge, who wrote about this earlier today, after documents were unsealed by the courts, before being resealed later on in the day.

The Epic vs Apple case is still ongoing, and we are sure that we will be seeing more surprising exposures from behind the curtains of Publishers and distributers during the rest of the trial! Be sure to stay with us at 3Bit by following our pages below as we continue to watch this case with great interest.

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