Everything We Know From Last Nights Resident Evil Showcase

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

22 Jan 2021

Last night we got an incredible look at the Resident Evil Universe as the franchise turns 25 in an all-new showcase. The star of last night’s show was, of course, Resident Evil Village, which will be released on PC, PlayStation4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on May 7th 2021. If you cannot wait until May, a demo has been released for the PlayStation 5, where players can play as a character called The Maiden, as they navigate a section of the Village called The Castle in a non-combative setting.

The Showcase also raised and answered a few questions about Resident Evil Village, such as the tall, pale lady in the original teaser and the new trailer? Why are we at the Village? And what is “The Ceremony”? The Answers were vague, but this, in turn, has made us even more excited for Resident Evil Village. What we do know is that the tall, pale lady is called Lady Dimiitrescu. She is the Castles Ruler. Alongside her daughters and what we can only assume is an overbearing mother called Miranda, she is trying to keep Ethan Winters contained to allow a ceremony to go ahead. But the biggest question remains. Why does Chris Redfield have your baby, and what is his role in all of this?

We also got to check out some of the thrilling gameplay for Resident Evil Village, where we got to meet Lady Dimitrescu again, along with her daughters who are capable of turning into swarms of insects. Along with a key focus of the ladies of Resident Evil 8 we got to see some intense gunplay, a return to the Tetris style of inventory management and we got to meet the merchant, a unique looking man going by the name of “The Duke.” You can check out all of this and more in the videos at the top and bottom of this page, which are both the new trailer and the full showcase. Resident Evil Village is now available for pre-order. If you pre-order on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One your copy will upgrade via PlayStation Digital upgrade or Xbox Smart Delivery when you move on to next-gen consoles.

Resident Evil Village was not the only part of the Resident Evil Universe we saw, as we also got our first look at the new multiplayer game RE: Verse. This new Resident Evil multiplayer title will come free to any player who picks up Resident Evil Village and will allow you to battle it out with heroes and monsters from all across the Resident Evil Universe in the ultimate deathmatch. A beta for RE: verse has just been launched, to which access was granted through a lottery system. Were you lucky enough to get invited? Let us know in the comments of this post or join us on our Discord and tell us all about it.

Finally from the Gaming side of The Resident Evil Showcase, we got to check out an upcoming crossover with The Division 2, where players will be able to collect “Iconic outfits and Items” from the original Resident Evil Trilogy. Additionally, as a welcome any player that logs into The Divisions 2 will get Leon Kennedy’s Racoon City Police Department outfit as a welcome gift. The event kicks off on February 2nd and will go on until February 15th, giving you plenty of time to get back into the game if you have taken a brief hiatus from the Capitol.

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