Everything we know about the recently announced God of War Ragnarök

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Kyle Smith

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At the end of the amazing PlayStation 5 event, Sony ended it all with a big teaser announcement for the newest entry in the God of War series. God of War 2, Ragnarök. During the teaser we see a teaser blue painted Jörmungandr, also known as the ‘World Serpent’, which takes a “similar” shape to the infamous ‘omega’ sign that Kratos came to be recognised for in the original God of War series. But strangely, carved around Jörmungandr are a bunch of runes that made us wonder “ are these a clue or a hint toward the next game?”

If you read on, please be aware that there are spoilers for God of War (2018) in the paragraphs below.

Well first of all we can tell you that the runes are written in Elder Futhark, but unfortunately, they simply state ‘Ragnarök’. Although, it’s fitting that this is etched around the World Serpent as it is so closely associated to it. In real Norse belief, it was said that a sign of Ragnarök would be that Jörmungandr would release his tail from his mouth, and through violent unrest, would thrash its way onto land. Once Ragnarök commences, it will begin to spit poison into the sky, with Fenrir setting on half of the world on fire. In God of War we learn that Thor and the World Serpent will battle it out during the catastrophic events.

But let’s get into that a little more. It was said in the prophecies that Thor will hit Jörmungandr so hard, that it will splinter the life tree (Yggdrasil) and send the serpent back to a time before his birth. Now this is interesting because the serpent is the middle child of 3 giants, Fenrir, Hel and Jörmungandr, whose father is believed to be in fact Loki. So, this tells us that the World Serpent helping Kratos and Atreus is certainly the one sent back in time, from an already happened Ragnarök. It is my belief that Jörmungandr is never born, and in-fact it is Loki’s adoption of being able to speak to him, that will bind the two together.

If you re-call, Mimir tells Kratos that Odin wants him and Atreus to go to Jotunheim, as it is a place that he cannot reach. This is because Odin wants the Giants ability to see into the future. The problem is, Odin killed all the Giants due them not giving him that ability when he demanded it, wishing to only “stop the of the world, Ragnarök”. Now why push Kratos and Atreus to Jotunheim? Well that's simple, to give Atreus his real identity, because it's here, where he will be able to understand his identity, which in turn will unlock his ability of foresight of the future. We get a glimpse of this foresight at the very end of God of War where he dreams that Thor attacks their home, before the game comes to a quick close.

With all of these points combined we think that the next game will be centred around Odin and his equal rage, which will ultimately cause Ragnarök. Now that he knows Loki exists, he will try to capture Atreus to use his ability to stop the end of the world. To this fact, we believe that God of War 2 will in-fact include a time jump, which enables us to be able to play as an older Atreus who has gained a better understanding of his skills. In Norse mythology Loki is a shape shifter, and this is actually called back too in the game when Atreus asks Kratos if he can transform into a wolf, where Kratos appeared confused for a moment. We also, might see a more agile playstyle in Atreus, instead of Kratos’s brutal rage. Loki as Atreus does, ops to wields daggers opposed to big brute enemies which re-enforces our belief. Potentially the opening sequence will be Thor beating Kratos and taking Loki to Odin. We eagerly await more details but hope that this article has been an interesting read for you. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section on our social media pages.

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