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Jordan Smith

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Today during Ubisoft Forward we got to see some all-new gameplay footage from Assassins Creed Valhalla. With this footage that you can watch above we got to see a tonne of new features, along with stunning new visuals and some brutal combat. You can watch the latest trailer above, as well as check out our break down of the latest updates from the Valhalla team during the post-event show. Assassins Creed Valhalla will release on November 17th 2020 for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC and Google Stadia. The Xbox edition is confirmed to come with smart delivery, meaning that no matter what Xbox you use, be it the One or the Series X, you will be able to play it on the other too. This article contains some spoilers from the main story that have been shown off during the trailer and post-show presentation.

As I said earlier today we saw a lot of new exciting features revolving around Assassins Creed Valhalla and we have the break down of it all right here. Assassins Creed Valahala will take place during the Viking occupations of England, during this timeline things are turbulent among the many Kings, Jarls and Earls in Norway, our Protagonist Eivor of Raven clan decides that for His/Her reasons should gather a band of warriors and settlers to travel to England to create a thriving settlement, Free of the political Turmoil of Norway. Eivor will need to hunt, explore, gather, raid and create allegiances to expand the settlement, and thankfully Eivor is not alone in this Journey. Eivor will make many allies throughout the game, Viking and Saxon alike. One such ally is a Christian Alderman named Oswald. When we meet Oswald during the Ubisoft Forward post-show presentation he is being held captive in a Fort that requires assaulting ( a gameplay mechanic we will delve into later). During the assault we see Oswald being held hostage by the fortresses “ruler” and our boss battle Rued. Boss battles in Assassins Creed Valhalla play a bit differently to your standard game, especially if you haven’t played them before, as you have the option to sneak up on your target dealing a massive damage critical strike before the battle even begins. However, with Rued that may prove difficult, as we also meet his right-hand man, a large wolf, who like Rued is savage and ruthless. At the end of this altercation, there is a moment where Eivor is presented with a choice, to spare Rued or to kill him. Oswald the captor please that you spare him for trial under God. By selecting that option during the gameplay demo we were shown tonight we got to learn that Oswald is, in fact, attempting to claim the throne as East Anglia's Rightful Ruler. But, every choice in Valhalla we will see a consequence and in this case, we meet Rued again, later in the game during Oswald's wedding. During the wedding Rued Raids the location alone and challenges the promised ruler to single combat. During the challenge, we once again get presented a choice and dependent on the choice we can see our alliance with Oswald changing for better or worse.

In the Trailer above we learn a lot about Assassins Creed Valhalla’s base gameplay, and about how Eivor has endless amounts of things to do on the journey across Norway and England. we can raid settlements as a band of Vikings from our longboat. We can initiate raids through sailing down one of England's many rivers. Raids will allow us to attack shoreline settlements for glory and plunder, as we murder pillage and burn our way through each town and village. We also learnt more about Valhalla’s new Combat system, where we can utilise brutal weapons and shields to stun and kill our adversaries. The Combat system also allows Eivor to dual wield any weapons available, this isn’t just limited to axes and swords too, as we also see Eivor dual-wield shields. We are also able to utilise our axe as a ranged throwing weapon alongside our Bow and arrow, making Eivor lethal at close range, medium-range and long-range.

If combat is not your forte then you can always try your hand at stealth. Stealth in assassins creed will see you utilising new ways of blending in with the crowd, and with our hood up under the typical English weather we will be able to blend in seamlessly not just with our people, but with the Saxons and Pagans too. Stealth can also be achieved in the traditional senses too, by being involved in what the public does, from the classic sitting down on a bench or chair, to making dough at an abandoned work station.

Once you have mastered both combat and stealth you can take part in Assaults. In Assaults, you will take part in large scale raids on Saxon fortresses and castles. Your longboat crew will not be enough for this mission and as a result, you will have to gather your allies from across the region. You can obtain allies through completing objective-driven raids for their respective leader, and one such example of these raids is to reclaim a settlement for a group of what appear to be farmers. Once the land is required heir fealty will be yours and they will join the Assault with you. During the assault you can choose to join your forces in the primary attack or utilise them as a distraction as you sneak into the fortress either focusing on an objective or taking out enemies from the inside to make the main fight a lot more one-sided. If a fight starts to go out of control and your health is low or you need arrows you can utilise the “Odin Sight” a change upon the original Eagle Vision, Odin Sight will highlight any consumables you may require, like arrows and health kits, and will prove its worth both inside and out of combat.

A big factor of Assassins Creed Valhalla is exploration. Exploration will allow us to upgrade Eivor, through finding skill books within chests, Heal our-self through hunting and fishing activities, Build on Viking lore through creating Cairns, upgrade our settlement, and meet new people through side quests and prayer to the gods at alters. Exploration can lead to a lot of confrontation, both good and bad. The good confrontation can lead you to acquire new crew members, such as a cat that resembles the Goddess of Love, Gold, Beauty and Fertility, Freya. This cat will join your longboat and enjoy your company as you sail down the English rivers, listening to songs and stories from your crew. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we can also meet more unsavoury people during our time exploring. One such example is when we find an altar of a more questionable kind with a sacrificed human at its centre adorned in Pagan decor. Once finding this Alter Eivor is poisoned by a woman who proceeds to attack her. Due to this poison Eivor perceives the enemy as having the ability to manipulate smoke and fire. After this fight, we learn she is part of the Daughters of Lerion. Pursuing the daughters after this encounter will lead Eivor on a new side adventure full of lore and story elements based in English history.

As mentioned above you can check out the amazing new trailer to Assassins Creed Valhalla above, and don’t forget you can see all the latest news updates from 3-Bit by following us below on your favourite social media. Assassins Creed Valhalla will release on November 17th 2020, are you excited for its release? Join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in our comments section.

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