Everything we learned about Marvel Avengers in Square Enix Presents

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Jordan Smith

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Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics got brought us many great updates last night during Square Enix Presents for their Marvel Avengers Project. During the event, we got to see the exciting reveal of a new DLC pack that will be coming soon, the free Hawk Eye DLC, which launched today and the free Next-Gen upgrades for PlayStation 5 and Xbox One, which is available to download now! You can check them all out in the two videos above and below, or you can check out our take below, where we explore each aspect in more detail.

Starting with the Next-Gen Upgrade, we will be able to start playing Marvel Avengers at 60FPS with 4K graphics. We will also be seeing higher resolutions and improved destruction as we smash, blast, swing and launch your way through the live service campaign missions. The upgrade is free to anybody who owns Marvel Avengers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where the game will upgrade in turn for the Next-Gen console of the same brand. Along with the Next-Gen upgrade that releases today, we also got to check out a glimpse of the new Hawkeye campaign, where Clint Barton, who is joined by Kate Bishop in a bid to prevent an evil Bruce Banner/ Hulk known better as The Maestro from turning the world into a wasteland, in what is known as the Future Imperfect Campaign.

The Future Imperfect Campaign was not the only campaign to be announced, however, as we also got to see the reveal of a feature many fans of the Avengers game have been asking for, Campaign Replay, where players will be able to play through the Avengers A Day Story once again! We also got to check out a full roadmap of what to expect from the Future of Avengers with upcoming game modes such as the Omega Threat: Cloning Labs, more new gear, increased level caps, a new Tachyon Anomaly Event, which judging from the image below will have a focus on Iron Man, and New Villain Sectors to step up the challenge.

Finally, to close the Marvel Avengers Segment of Square Enix Presents, we got a glimpse of the next character and campaign coming to the Avengers Game. Our new character is going to be none other than the King of Wakanda himself, T'Challa, AKA The Black Panther, who will be protecting the great country of Wakanda alongside the Avengers as AIM attempts to invade with the help of Ulysses Klaue, AKA Klaw, a man who has broken into Wakanda several times to steal vibranium and various tech from the advanced society throughout his history with T'Challa, The Fantastic Four and of course The Avengers. Marvel Avengers Black Panther: The War For Wakanda will be releasing later this year, and you can expect to find more details from us here at 3Bit when they are available closer to the expansion's release.

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