Explore Beautiful and Unique Worlds In the Indie Platformer Onirism

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Kyle (Blooicide)

Publish Date:

4 Apr 2021

Onirism came out in early access back in April 2019 – since then developers Crimson Tales have been hard at work improving and iterating this exciting game to where it is today, and it is STILL in early access, with a clear roadmap planned for it. We implore you to check this game out as it has so much to offer! So let us tell you a little more about it.

Onirism is an action-adventure game full of energy and attitude. You play as Carol, who is one night woken up by a strange portal, which mysteriously appears in her bedroom. A creature emerges from this portal and steals Carol’s favourite plushie Bunbun! Without a second of a doubt, Carol jumps through the portal chasing her thief ending up in the beautiful fantasy world of Crearia. Trust us, we know when we write this is can sound slightly cheesy, but once you get into the game, you’ll completely fall in love.

Available In The Current Version:

  • 5 Beautifully Designed Levels: In Onirism there are currently 5 areas of Crearia that players can explore. These worlds are semi-open world and full of life and puzzles for players to uncover. Each area offers a unique aesthetic ranging from whimsical forests to burning volcanoes. But we do not want to spoil anything for you, as diving into these is part of the charm of this game.

  • 20 Different Weapons to Use: There are a whopping 20 weapons available now in Onirism, which all offer a unique approach to tackling enemies. You have the Boom Stick, which offers a scatter-shot shotgun-style attack, whilst the Bazooka on the other hand… well it does what you imagine it would do!

  • Co-op and Versus Gaming: Whether you want to stand at the side of a friend and take down enemies as a team, or you want to stand against them and blast them in the face with a rocket, Onirism offers it all. You have the option to play with or against your friends in a variety of co-op and versus game modes.

In the final version of the game, the developers do plan to expand on the currently available features quite a lot. Which can be found below, directly taken from the developer’s roadmap:

  • Explore the 8 worlds of Crearia, split across 30 unique looking areas.

  • Unlock over a hundred weapons and discover abilities for Carol in a Metroidvania fashion.

  • Find a huge number of secrets hidden deep inside Crearia

Onrisim is an indie game that is being treated with passion by its developers. Its consistent growth shows how dedicated to making this a great game Crimson Tales are, and from the shape it is in now, we cannot wait to see how the end game turns out. If you are interested in buying the game, check it out on steam here, or visit the developer's website here. Let us know what you think of this awesome little title in our Discord Server or Social Media channels linked below.

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