Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout The Most Unique Take On Battle Royale

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Jordan Smith

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Last week we saw the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, an all-new “Battle Royale” game created by British developers Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital, who are well known for bringing weird and wonderful games into the spotlight. But what makes this unique take on Battle Royale so special, and how have we not had a game quite like Fall Guys until now?

Fall Guys released this on August 4th for PC and PlayStation 4 and is free for PlayStation Plus members until September 1st, 2020. Within its first 24 hours Fall Guys saw instant success, with over 1.5 million players enjoying the zany title. The thing that makes fall guys so unique to other battle royale games is that there is no shooting, no closing circle and pure chaos. Fall Guys is a game show like the Takashi’s Castle and Total Wipeout, where Contestants (known as Beans) are pitted against each other in a series of levels filled with obstacles and contraptions designed to fool and bamboozle you. Fall guys starts with 60 beans, who will race through a series of obstacles in a race to qualify to the next round. There are several levels in each every “episode” of Fall Guys, and it always starts with a race across a one of many obstacle courses filled with spinning platforms, infuriating SeeSaws and hilarious fake doors, which features in my personal favourite level, Door Dash. Door Dash is a personal favourite of mine as it is a great take on the classic Takashi’s castle challenge, where players will storm through several doors, only some of them will not open instead causing you to instead make the run of shame to another open door.

After the first race more levels are unlocked and can range from more races like the ones described above, to team based games like fall ball which is essentially football with oversized balls from an array of sports, and survival challenges such as rollout, where players have to survive the longest on rolling platforms filled with obstacles. At the end of each round the number of players will dwindle down until there are only a few players remain. These remaining players will then race, jump or chase for the glory of the crown which is awarded through the completion either a race the finish where the winner will need to grab the crown, surviving tower of collapsing platforms, where only 1 will remain, or a game of tag where you have to be the one wearing the tail at the end of a timer. These incredibly intense finals can lead to some very frustrating losses, especially when a tail is stollen from you in the very last second, however when you win it is an incredible feeling of accomplishment and comes with some very unique bragging rights, as your crown that you earn at the end can be used as currency for some unique costumes for your “bean”. Have you played Fall Guys yet? Let us know your favourite level in our comments sections on social media, which you can follow below!

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