Far Cry 6 Order and Chaos vs Good and Evil

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Kyle Smith

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In Ubisoft Forwards today we were treated to our first official look at the upcoming Far Cry 6 title. Although no gameplay was shown, we have been treated to a long cinematic showing us the personality of who we believe to be the antagonist of this game, Anton Costillo the El Presidente, who is portrayed by the amazing Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito.

In the trailer we see Costillo giving his son an insightful lesion about the world that this game is set in, around the chaos that seems to be ensuing. He hands his son a grenade, clenching both his and his sons’ hand around a grenade. He then proceeds to pull the pin on the grenade whilst informing his son that the grenade is only unsafe if he were to lose control of it, which would result in everyone dying. Its clear that this game is going to be focusing on order in chaos, and from what we have seen in this small snippet, its going to be brutal.

We here at 3-Bit have come to believe a little theory around the young boy. We believe that he will be the character that we play as, but a little bit older. We will see scenes like we saw in this snippet via memories where he is learning about the “lesions” his father has taught him. But to add depth to a couple of other rumours/theories that are floating around, this character will indeed be the widely loved antagonist from Far Cry 3, Vaas. In this we will see the downfall of Vaas as he turns from boy into the man, he becomes in the third entry. This is fuelled by only two factors. Michael Mando has been teasing a lot recently that he might be working with the character again. Also this theory is backed up by a scar that appears on Vaas’s right eyebrow. A single angular scar that matches across both characters. We have had challenges around the surname with Vaas’s being Montenegro whilst this family is Costillo. Although we have yet to hear what the boys full name is, as Vaas could easily be an nickname and Montenegro could be his mothers surname. However, Vaas Montenegro might be completely an alias.

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