Field of Glory II Medieval the Upcoming Turn-Based Tactical War Sim

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

29 Jan 2021

To those people who love games like Civilisation, Total War, and the Age of series, this is a game you need to have your attention on. In Fields of Glory II: Medieval you are required to battle through some of major scenarios during the Middle Ages from 1040 AD to 1270 AD. To do this you will be able to take control of the following armies: 

• Anglo-Saxons 

• Normans 

• Post-Conquest England, 

• France 

• Germany 

• Scotland 

• Wales 

• Ireland 

• The Low Countries 

• The Free Cantons 

• Denmark 

And many, many more. Infact there are 29 nations and factions for fans to play as.

Field of Glory II is aiming for as much realism as possible utilising years of research to make different armies perform as the once did in our long war-time history. With historically accurate armies, locations and permutations battles will always feel different. Fields of Glory II Medieval features a campaign mode, in which you play through historically accurate battles and ‘what-if’ scenarios. It features a Quick Battle mode; which players can select from 65 pre-set matchups between historical opponents. It also features custom battles, which allows for millions of what-if scenarios for players to wage out on the battlefield.

Fields of Glory II: Medieval is coming out on PC on the 4th of February and what’s amazing is that this game doesn’t require top end computers to run, with the recommended specs asking for 2.0Ghz i5/A8 or better processor, 8GB RAM, Discrete 2 GB DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card. Check out the game on steam via the link below:

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