First Impressions of Foregone the Metroidvania Game coming to Consoles Soon

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

Yesterday we managed to snag a review copy of the upcoming Metroidvania game, Foregone. After having a good 2 to 3 hours with the game I thought that I would share with you some of my initial thoughts and give you an idea of whether this game is for you or not. So, sit back and get comfortable as you read about this upcoming title.

Foregone starts off as your retro era side scroller adventure game. Once you click start on the menu, a beautiful orange horizon loads, and the camera starts to slowly pan downwards as text appears on the screen giving you context to the story. Overlaid to this, is a really well constructed theme tune with surprisingly, some really decent voice acting. It's once the camera is fully panned down, we meet our lead character who is well contrasted from the deep orange colours surrounding her, and we are thrown into the action.

Within minutes you'll be learning how to combo up your attacks and effectively take down enemies. Big Blue Bubble has really though this out as there's some really nice features in this. If you use your melee weapon, which is fully interchangeable, you will inflict higher damage to your enemies and collect ammo for your ranged weapon. Your ranged weapon is usually lighter on its attacks, depending on what one you are using, but gives you the advantage of range. Although some enemies might require you to shoot as you approach and finish them off with a deadly slashing attack! You would be surprised as to how two types of attack can make for some fluid, deadly combos. It's this that makes Foregone a really fun game, and there isn't many games that do it as well either. Its fast paced, fluid and fun. To get an idea of what I would compare it to, I would say, imagine Castlevania: Symphony of the Night combat, but with modern weapons. Its super tight, so far.

The game is full to the brim of customisation! You can change you melee weapon, ranged weapon, armour, trinkets, many other things and they do make a real difference. There is also a soft levelling system which does not come in the form of the typical levelling system, instead you are able to collect in world orbs, which are used as a currency to upgrade your skills and learn new attacks. It's all of this that adds to the experience of quality combat in this game. You will start off slow initially, but a few hours into the game, you'll be slicing, dicing and performing deadly takedowns on a frequent basis.

The art direction of this game is additionally stunning. The world is presented in a way which makes it look hand painted, using complementary colours to really make the areas which you can navigate, stand out. Characters and interactable objects have a really nice pixelated look to them, although, at times these can look like retro style 3D models. In fact its very similar to the technique used in the original Prince of Persia visuals, in which the character appeared to be 'pixelated 3D' when doing specific animations. Just check out the GIFs in this article and you'll see what I mean.

For those who are wondering, the world is laid out in the same format as most Metroidvanias, in that you can navigate it, and find new ways to cross it's many challenges. A nice feature, that I think is subtly really important for games like this, is hidden areas. Its fun to be rewarded for 'going off the beaten path' and it makes you want to see more of the beautiful world that these developers have spent years creating. Foregone has done this really well, which shows a respect that developer Big Blue Bubble have given to it's source material and influences! Although, I'm only a short way into the game, I'll be interested as to whether Foregone is a long game or not, and if it can keep up its level of fun. You will see in our review which will be releasing on the 13th October as the game launches.

Foregone gained some great accolades during its showcasing at Indie events, scoring the achievements:

Indie MEGABOOTH Official Selection – PAX East (2020)
PAX South Hidden Gem – PAX South (2020)
PAX Rising Official Selection – PAX South (2020)
Best Music – Montreal International Game Summit (2019)
PAX West Hidden Gem – PAX West (2019)
PAX Rising Official Selection – PAX West (2019)

You will be able to get your hands on a copy of the game during its release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 13th October. PC users will transition to the full game on this date also as the game leaves its early access. Note: The issue of the game we have played is the pre-launch Switch version, and all visuals in this article has been extracted from that version of the game.

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