Forget Zombies Make Way For Stuffed

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

13 Oct 2021

Call of Duty Zombies is a game that everybody loves, but let's be real here this isn't a game for young children. Yet, many of them are still playing it because there is no child-friendly alternative. That is until next year when Waving Bear Studio plan to release their fantastic looking single-player and local multiplayer FPS Stuffed!

Stuffed will put players into the role of a teddy bear defending a young child's bedroom from all things "evil". Our ted will need to fight endless waves of toy robots, creepy shadows, rubber ducks and a whole variety of other menaces that go bump in the night. But don't worry, you won't be defending the child's bedroom with just your fluffy paws. Instead, you will be armed with some of the finest creations fresh from the toybox, from the lethal popcorn grenade through to the devastating cola launcher. The map is also procedurally generated to make Stuffed even more interesting, meaning that each night will be a different experience to the last.

We had the opportunity to play Stuffed at EGX 2021, and I was instantly transported back to being in school playing the original Call of Duty Zombies mode with friends. The relentless waves and ever-changing enemies really enhanced the experience, as each enemy type had a unique playstyle, such as the shadows that would sneak straight for the door, the standard horde enemies like the gnomes and my personal favourite, the sock puppets, who act like the weeping angels in Dr Who and will stop as you look at them. The combination of these enemies makes the game a much bigger challenge in some cases. This really adds to the game's overall replayability and makes Stuffed a fantastic game not just for little kids but for the big ones too.  However, my experience playing Stuffed was cut short 8 rounds in when the horde proved too much, and I learned the hard way that "explosive weapons" are not meant to be used at close range. Even with my defeat, I had a lot of fun playing Stuffed, and I am confident that anybody who enjoys modern FPS games will love the challenge and the sheer amusement that Stuffed brings to the table.

Stuffed is planned to release on PC in 2022, but there is also a plan to bring this fantastic shooter to console too! Be sure to stay with us here at 3Bit as we continue to follow Stuffed in the future and will continue to update you on the release date when we know more!

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