Fornite Season 5 has come to a dramatic close

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

16 Mar 2021

Minor spoilers ahead

Fornite Chapter 2 Season 5 has come to a Dramatic conclusion today as Agent Jonesy does what he can to prevent the Zero Point's total destabilisation. That's right, another season of Fortnite has come to a close and with it comes the end of the Zero Point Crisis and the Hunters that helped to stop various creatures, including the Xenomorph and Terminators, from escaping. Unfortunately, with the success of their mission comes the danger of the Zero Point destabilising and collapsing. Only Jonsey will be able to stop it with a little help from the 7, in particular, a new member called The Foundation.

The Foundation is only helping Jonsey so that he can get to "Geno" (who or what this is remains to be known), a deal that he will only honour "for now". You can check out the full cinematic and finale mission now in-game for Fortnite, where you will work alongside Jonesy and the Foundation to save the fabric of reality from tearing itself apart. As you close portals, the Zero point will begin to bloom, and the world around you will shift, exposing you to new map elements and characters that will be coming to season 6.

This epic adventure of Multiverses and portals is what will ultimately be the start of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, which will be known as Primal. Primal will turn the island wild, and with it comes an array of primal weapons, including the explosive bow and arrow set. Along with an array of new locations and weapons, we will also see new characters in keeping with the primal theme, such as DC's Teen Titan Raven and the legendary tomb raider herself, Lara Croft, who will be a part of the season 6 Battle Pass.

Season 6 also looks like it will include a tonne of new features, such as the ability to craft your primal weapons and tame the wildlife that now inhabits the primal island, some of which hasn't even hatched yet! The pinnacle to season 6's changes is the new town that has spawned in the centre of the map with a mysterious spire in the centre. Chaos will surely unfold from there.

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