Fortnite Next Gen Details Announced

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Jordan Smith

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With Next-Gen consoles only being one week away for most regions (2 weeks for the EU and UK for PlayStation 5), Epic Games have unveiled all the details we need to know about for Fortnite and how it will affect players moving to the Next-Gen Console of their choices.

As far as player accounts are concerned, these will not be affected. As you move into your Next-Gen console, your saved data and existing purchases will transfer with you, regardless of which platform you played on prior so long as you sign in with your Epic account.

When it comes to Xbox Series X will see Fortnite playable at 4k with 60 FPS. The Series X will also allow for dynamic visuals in Fortnite, which means that the environment will react to the actions of yourself and another player. An example of this would be trees shaking from a nearby explosion, or enhanced smoke and water effects.

On the Xbox Series S, we won't see much in the way of graphical improvement as Fortnite will still play at 1080p. However, Players will be able to experience the game at 60 FPS still and will be able to take advantage of most of the visual enhancements available on the Xbox Series X. Along with that the Xbox Series S and X will take full advantage of faster loading times, thanks to the built-in SSDs, which will also improve on the texture loading.

With the PlayStation 5 players will be able to also take full advantage of the 4K graphics at 60 FPS, along with the dynamic visuals like the Xbox Series X. In addition to the graphical upgrades, Fortnite will also make good use of the all-new dual sense controller on PlayStation 5. Each weapon will feel as it is meant to in your hands' thanks to the haptic feedback and haptic trigger control.

On top of all these incredible features on the PlayStation 5, you will also be able to jump into your favourite lobbies from the PlayStation 5 home screen. Allowing you to jump into games even faster with the options of singles, duos and squads all being available, meaning all you need to do straight after that is start the round. Much like the Xbox variants Players will be able to experience faster loading screens, and quicker texture loading times thanks to the incredibly fast SSD hard drive in the PlayStation 5.

In addition to all these incredible features, all 3 Next-Gen consoles will be able to play split-screen at 60 FPS. All players that return to Fortnite on Next-Gen consoles before January 15th 2021 will also be able to pick up the classic pickaxe from Chapter 1, renamed as "The Throwback Axe".

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