From the Hardcore Survival to the Calm Meditation of Return to Enen

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

Retreat To Enen is an open world first person survival game which takes place in 3600 C.E. This survival adventure takes place in the quiet chaos of self-inflicted extinction, set from centuries of war, famine, and climate disaster. The Earth has now begun to heal and life is once again on the rise with wildlife thriving. Remaining human survivors have begun to reform societies reconnecting their lost relationship with nature. As the player you are tasked with surviving alone on the large tropical island, known as Enen, in order to prove your worth to society!

Return to Enen features the following:

· Advanced Base Building: Take advantage of the futuristic time period in that there will be sci-fi elements to base building. While the core of the crafting and building will be an organic, natural experience, there will be some aspects of the building that will involve technologically advanced options.

· A Hardcore Survival Mode: A mode in which players will need to balance resources, protection from animals, Exploration and generally staying alive from hazards!

· A Meditation Mode: The game will feature meditation as part of its advancement through the game. More details are going to be announced in the coming months.

Return to Enen is currently in active development, but we will be sure to let you know about any updates for the game. Let us know what you think about Return to Enen in the comments sections on our social media posts for this article!

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