Fusion Is An Indie Game That Has The Chance To Go Far… With The Right Support!

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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

26 May 2021

Fusion is a beautifully stylised sci-fi shooter game, which isn’t too far off of looking like a AAA title. This title pits players against hordes of enemies within the Black Mountain Station, in which you stand with no reason given as to why you are there. But as you climb through the levels of this title, more will eventually become clear, unravelling a mystery of what happened within these station walls. Will you Survive? Try it out for free today to find out! 

The Gameplay:

At its core Fusion mixes up a lot of genre enough to make players feel like they have a choice to approach each challenge, but ultimately this is an action shooter experience with Melee elements. Expect to be deep in battle, mixing up your fighting patterns, much like what we see in a lot of the Rogue-Like games of today. The developers plan to integrate a full upgrade system to the game too, to help diversify it even further than it has in its current build. There are light puzzle elements in that puzzles need to be solved with specific weapons, but these are usually performed in combat when working out the best way to bring down a tougher opponent.

Our Thoughts:

In its current state Fusion does lack polish and does need a little bit more love in terms of its storytelling. HOWEVER, the game has exceptional graphics for an indie title, it is free to try and genuinely it doesn’t feel very far off being a really fun game. The controls feel good and to be honest, it’s actually indie titles like this that got 3Bit into reporting on these games! It shows the exceptional skill that is out there in the world untapped by big studios, huge budgets, and constricted game designs! And with limitation comes innovation!

Game Features:

  • A Story-Driven Campaign:- Explaining how everything started and the overall purpose of Black Mountain Station.

  • A Gameplay Arena Mode:- Endless spawns of diverse and brutal enemies which enables players to experience the full dynamic gameplay.

  • A Beautifully Scored Soundtrack:- Listen to deep synths and heavy clashes as you battle it out to the epic electronic soundtrack for this game.

  • A Real Indie Experience:- Play a game that has been built with pure passion and love, in which a small team of developers share with you their story.

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