Fuzz Force Spook Squad Leaves Early Access Next Month

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

13 May 2021

British Developers Fuzz Force today announced that their incredible Dicey Deck Builder, Fuzz Force: Spook Squad, will be released from Steam Early Access on June 8th, 2021. This amazing Indie title has been in the making for just over a year! We were first introduced to Fuzz Force at the start of 2021, where we watched this incredible strategy game grow, with regular updates and new characters. Fuzz Force: Spook Squad has been built by a single developer, Alan Igle, who has worked as an artist in the Mobile game world, helping create games for major companies like Lego. However, before making Fuzz Force Alan had never coded in his life, which has honestly surprised me as I played Fuzz Force for the first time and the 10th.

If you haven't checked out Fuzz Force in any of our previous articles, then this is what you are missing out on.

"In Fuzz Force: Spook Squad, we join a cute animal team as they take on a dangerous mission to investigate a mysterious tower haunted by the Polter Prince and his "Petrifying" reign. To get to the dreaded Polter Prince, the animals of Spook Squad must battle and capture ghosts in turn-based dice battles where chance and skill come together in perfect harmony. Playing much like a tabletop game, the Spook Squad investigates the dangerous areas in and around the Tower. As they explore, your chosen Spook Squad member will have opportunities to upgrade and improve their dice by replacing them or adding modifiers to their dice and weapon, by finding chests or exchanging them for captured ghouls at various markets. Throughout the level, the levels."

Fuzz Force offers a lot of challenges for players both new and inexperienced to the world of Dice Builder/ Deck builder games. If you are looking for a game to flex your brain muscles with, then this spooky adventure is the one for you as you battle ghosts, monsters, bears and more with a cast of bold anthropomorphic characters including Finn The Fox, Lix The Lizard and Dotty the Dog. Each of these characters also has its own unique weapon, such as Lix's Guitar, which can all be upgraded with new dice and modules to aid you on your quest to stop the Polter Prince.

Fuzz Force will be available to play full on June 8thon Steam, and we cannot wait to check out the full release! If you want to get your hands on Fuzz Force through early access or want to wishlist the game for when the game fully releases, you can do so here, or alternatively, you can check out the Twitter page for Fuzz Force: Spook Squad here for even more updates for this incredible indie title.

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