Gabe Newell is sending a gnome to space for a good cause

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

4 Nov 2020

If you were not already aware Valve, President Gabe Newell has been stuck in New Zealand since the start of the COVID-19 19 Pandemic. American National Gabe has been stuck in New Zealand since March after visiting friends in the country. It seems that in that time Gabe has very much fallen in love with the country and has even discussed moving Valve to the country, but moving the heart of his empire to the country is not the only way Gabe wants to express his thanks it would seem. Later this month Gabe plans to launch a 6-inch Titanium Gnome into space partly in reference to Half-Life 2's Gnome Chompski, but primarily as thanks to New Zealand for taking him in as he shielded from the global Pandemic. Additionally, Gabe will also be donating to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland. Gabe will donate $1 for each view on both the live stream and the online recording for 24 hours after the launch.

This is an incredible donation from Gabe, and we here at 3Bit are confident that the Children's Hospital will see a very reasonable donation from the launch. If you want to watch the launch live, then be sure to keep an eye on Rocket Lab who will post news of the launch very soon. The launch is currently expected to take place in a 14-day window from November 16th. Be sure to follow us here at 3Bit below too, as we will continue to follow this story and will bring you further update as we learn more.

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