Ghost of Tsushima Brings 2 New Difficulty Modes

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Jordan Smith

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Ghost of Tsushima has released a new update. 1.05 will bring in new difficulty settings for players on both ends of the difficulty spectrum, along with new accessibility options and additional bug fixes. The 2 new difficulty modes are aptly named “Lethal” and “low intensity combat”.

With the new Lethal mode, we will be seeing buffs to not just enemy weapons, but also to Jin’s Katana, meaning every slash, stab and swing will matter, especially during the intense showdowns. Enemies will also be a lot more aggressive and will also be able to detect you faster when you try to play as the Ghost. If that wasn’t enough for you to truly get immersed in the realism of Lethal mode, then you will also be happy to find out that parry and dodge windows will also be tighter. The lethal option of gameplay will undoubtedly be a challenge for even the most seasoned of Samurai. Will you be able to step up to the challenge?

Low intensity on the other hand will bring a calmer approach to combat, bringing the focus away from parry driven combat, whilst keeping the feel Ghost of Tsushima’s incredible combat system. As the name suggests Combat is a lot less intense, as the new mode will make a lot of unblockable attacks become blockable, meaning that dodging will still be present, however, its occurrence will be less frequent than in other game modes. Enemies will break off their combos after damaging Jin, giving you a chance to recover and retaliate after a devastating attack, whilst you are recovering your health the enemy will also not be able to attack you. Low intensity will also relax a lot of timing elements, including the detection meter when you choose to play as The Ghost.

Along with the bug fixes, Ghost of Tsushima also added some new Accessibility features, specifically in terms of text and markers, allowing for all text, objective markers and interaction markers to be increased by up to 150%. Along with the ability to increase the size of text you will be able to change the colours of subtitles from white, to Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green.

Ghost of Tsushima is of course available now on PlayStation 4, and if you haven’t played the game yet be sure to check out our review for this incredible game, or check out our YouTube channel: 3-Bit, to watch the first 13 heart racing minutes of Ghost of Tsushima.

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