Ghost of Tsushima Legends Releases Next week

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

6 Oct 2020

Ghost of Tsushima Legends is coming in an update to Ghost of Tsushima next week on October 16th! This jaw-dropping new multiplayer mode to the popular single-player game will bring new story elements, new characters, new game modes and a new animal companion for certain classes! We here at 3Bit have everything you and your friends need to know about this exciting update. As we reported back in August Ghost of Tsushima Legends will bring Co-operative gameplay to Sucker Punch productions newest IP. Co-op modes will come in 3 forms, starting with the 2 Player Story mode, where players will be able to fight side by side in an all-new narrative told by a new character known as Gyozen. Gyozens stories will start easy. However, once you begin to level up and upgrade your gear, you will face new perils, with more formidable enemies, bonus objectives and great rewards. Once you have mastered your way through the story, you will be able to add another companion to your party with 3 Player survival missions. In Survival, you and your party will face off against waves of enemies defending various locations from across Tsushima. To help you along the way you will also receive blessings, which you or your team will be able to activate. Some blessings we know about include igniting enemies and summoning Spirit Bears.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends will bring one more game mode as post-release content, and that is Raids. Raids will allow you to add a fourth and final member to your party where you and your well geared up team will take part in a three-part adventure. In the raid teamwork will be critical, so make sure you are well-rehearsed as you level up in stories and Survival. Will you be able to survive in Iyo’s realm? Along with new game modes, Legends will also bring us new customisation options for our online Samurai in the form of cosmetics, along with four unique classes to unlock and improve. The classes are Samurai, Hunter Ronin and Assassin. With each class will be a unique set of moves and abilities that will make for an exciting combination of tactics in the various game modes of Legends. The Samurai Class will allow players to charge straight into the fray, striking down their foes head-on whilst maintaining their health, their ability Hachiman’s Fury will allow them to strike through enemies in a flurry of repetitive strikes. The Hunter will take on the enemy from outside of the battlefield, using their bow to pick off enemies one by one, or by using explosive enemies to break up crowds of foes. The Hunters ability the Eye of Uchitsune will allow them to fire several arrows directly at the heads of the enemies. The Ronin Class will play much like a support role, where their Breath of Izanami ability will revive fallen comrades. Along with this healing ability, the Ronin will also be able to summon a Spirit Dog, which you will be able to pet, like the foxes of the Inari Shrines. Finally, we have the Assassin class, which will take queues from the great Jin Sakai. The Assassin will strike from the shadows. Dealing massive damage and often with single strikes the Assassin will be able to teleport across the battlefield with its Shadow Strike ability, making it one foe you do not want to encounter on the battlefield.

Along with all of these incredible multiplayer features the 1.1 update for Ghost of Tsushima we will also be seeing New Game + added to the single-player campaign. With New Game + we will be able to re-enter the world of Jin Sakai, with all of our endgame gear to take on a new difficulty challenge, a new horse, new charms and further upgrades to your Sword, Bows and Armours. We will also see new trophies and additional content around the Island of Tsushima, which will include a new vendor who trades in the new “Ghost Flowers”. Ghost of Tsushima 1.1 will also have various quality of life upgrades, including a photo mode update, Armour load outs and will display your total play time. Are you excited for Ghost of Tsushima Legends? Let us know in the comments section of our social Media Pages which you can find and follow below!

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