Git Gud Before the Release of HyperScape Tomorrow

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Kyle Smith

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Tomorrow is Launch Day for Ubisofts brand new entry into the Battle Royale (BR) genre and we have created this article to get you ready for you first steps into the exciting new world of Neo Arcadia and prepare you for your very first win.

HyperScape instantly sets up to be a very different experience to all the other popular game entries, from the get go. Instead of being in an open environment full of different settings, this game opts for a tighter, urban environment instead. You'll nearly always have plenty of options for cover, but most importantly you'll constantly be needing to traverse the tough environment. In the early days, this will be one of the biggest things that will get in your way of winning your very first game. So take time to practise the movement. Learn which building you can easily climb up, and which ones require a little more effort. Slowing down in this game is likely to get you defeated, so learn the map, find ways avoid slowing down and find all the areas best suited for a fire fight, to lure your enemies too.

Our next piece of advise is in the way that weapons work. First of all, weapons all have different styles of game-play tied to them. The Shotgun and Sniper are you most conventional, working in the same way as most other shooters, but its in the other weapons that you need to be more aware of. For example, most people will naturally draw towards using the Assault Rifle, and that's okay, but it's damage output is really limited, and shots need to be very accurate. Where-as the Komodo Plasma Rifle has a little more room for error, and has a very similar damage output to the assault rifle. So our tip here is before jumping into any match, have a little practise with the weapons in the firing range, and get a feel for what each weapon does. BUT DO NOT pick a favourite at this point, as being in a fire fight against a moving target, really changes up what weapons come out on top.

Whilst we talk about finding the right weapons we should move onto the next big thing which is "hacks". HyperScape presents players with the option to pick up hacks, found out in the field. These will give different abilities that can be used for a diverse range of situations. For example, there is a one called "Slam" and that propels your character high in the air and then slam down on your opponents. But one alternative use for it, is creating distance. If you are ever at a disadvantage in a fight it might be better to make a hasty escape, and Slam is a fantastic tool to do exactly that, using the Slam itself to clear a noticeable distance between you and your foe. There are many different hacks such as Invisibility, teleport, armour etc. So, again before jumping into a match, pick these up in the hub area and get a feel for how each one works. This will allow you to know which ones you can match to your play style, and work on using them more. A mistake I made, when I started playing in the Beta, was that I wouldn't use the hacks nearly enough. Once I got used to using them, I found my victories became a lot more common.

Finally we're going to talk about upgrades. HyperScape doesn't follow the conventional colour tiered weapon mechanic that predominantly fills the other popular title, but instead introduces a mechanic to upgrade you weapons during a match. This can simply be done by finding the same weapon you have equipped and picking it up. Each Weapon has 4 levels before it become a maxed out powerhouse. This also applies to Hacks. Simply put, most people during end game will have upgraded their weapons and hacks, meaning they will have a high damage output. So make sure early game, you get upgrading too, to make sure you are as evenly matched to the other team as possible.

Its safe to say, that to win HyperScape you have to become more comfortable with its mechanics, as it isn't a standard tactical shooter. It opts for faster movement, and closer urban battle which instantly makes it feel different to anything we have played before. Be sure to check out the video below to see our breakdown of exactly "What Hyperscape Is" and get yourself ready to git gud fast.

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