Gone Viral An experience for the Masses

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Jordan Smith

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Last week we had an incredible experience streaming Gone Viral, an upcoming title currently in beta from indie developers Skullbot Games. Gone viral is an intense, incredible and addicting Isometric dungeon crawler that will have you hacking, shooting, blasting and trapping your enemies. All for the glory of Bloodsport and the appeasement of your deranged mutant fans. Gone Viral utilises a lot of various combat elements to make each of its procedurally generated rooms as exciting as the first. During the Beta, we have had been playing as 1 of 2 available characters from the Beta, Decimus. Whilst Decimus’s main attack is to hack and slash his way through his enemies, he also has a smart grapple hook that allows him to pull enemies in closer or drag them into one of Gone Viral’s many lethal traps. As Decimus hacks and slashes his enemies he can send them flying into traps, obstacles and other enemies, “pinballing” them around the arena. As you progress through some pretty harsh dungeons you will come across mutations for Decimus, which will grant new abilities such as a set of helicopter rotors on your back for some lethal flying, horns on your head, for when you want to do your best goat impression and charge mutants and warbots into deadly spike pits or even laser eyes that would make Cyclops green with envy. As we decimate our foes in Gone Viral we will also be gathering fans, all of which have their own traits, for example, speedrunner fans will praise you for playing the game faster. Fans praise is rewarded through “Fan Events2. These events are an incredible spin on the classic dungeon crawler, where fans can opt to send you resources or grant a temporary buff to make your life easier. However, Fans are a fickle being and can sometimes be a bit more sadistic, by sending you a care package filled with live explosives, filling a room with beach balls, or even being incredibly cruel and turning all enemies invisible. As you progress further you will also find that they will also stack a few of these together, making you fight in a room full of beach balls and invisible enemies was a challenge in itself and It only gets tougher as we stack more and more mutations on our gladiator.

The greatest aspect of Gone Viral is its Twitch integration, this incredible aspect allows you to not only be on the many screens found throughout each arena, but it will also allow your viewers to join in with every fan event. When playing Gone Viral with actual viewers along with the in-game fans shook up the dynamic, as fan events became more frequent and they can be merciless. Overall playing Gone Viral with its Twitch integration was a lot of fun though, as it brought a lot of new challenges to the single-player game. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of streaming Gone Viral, and if you want to check out Gone Viral for Yourself them be sure to make your way over to the Indie Arena Booth during Gamescon Online this August, and be sure to keep watching our Streaming Schedule in our “Live Stream” section, for when Jordan or Kyle re-enter the arena and try once again to go Viral! Be sure to stop by and either help them out or make them suffer live on camera. If you want to see when we are streaming first then make sure to follow 3-Bit below for all the latest updates, news, reviews and more!

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