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Jordan Smith

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Gotham Knights has officially been announced at DC Fandome and will be coming launching 2021, however it is not the game we anticipated. “Batman is Dead” the Batcave has been blown up and now it is down to Nightwing, Red Hood, Bat Girl and Robin to take up the mantle as Gotham’s Heroes. Warner Bros stated this will not be about any of these heroes becoming the new Batman, rather it will be about each hero becoming their own as they face off against famous enemies such as Mr Freeze, who we saw in the gameplay trailer available below and the mysterious Court of Owls, who will be the stories main protagonist, and are predominantly shown off in the main trailer available above. Gotham Knights will feature Co-operative gameplay, along with several elements similar to the Arkham series of games, such as the hard-hitting combat.

Gotham Knights will feature Barbra Keane as the tech savvy Batgirl, Dick Grayson as the acrobatic Nightwing, Jason Todd as gun slinging Red Hood and Tim Drake as the stealthy Robin. Along with thee 4 incredible Bat-Family members we will also be seeing some incredible gear used by the former Dark Knight, including the Bat-cycle along with each character’s signature weapons. Gotham Knights will be set in what Warner Brothers are stating to be a living and breathing Gotham City that will hold an original mystery for you and your friends to solve. Are you excited to play this new spin on the Batman series? Let us know on our social media profiles which you can find below!

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